Katy Perry’s Breasts and Sesame Street

KATE KOWSH: Admittedly, Katy’s Perries were kind of on display during her recent controversial play date with Elmo. But did it really need to become issue number one on the shit list in the national conversation on decency standards for children? Perry didn’t strap on a pair of letter ‘p’-shaped pasties and straddle the Sesame Street pole. She wore a costume. Yes, it was revealing. But she looked lovely.

If that’s the case, then Mr. and Mrs. Muppet need to sit little Elmo down for his “you’re getting too old to run around the neighborhood without pants on” talk too. Ridiculous? Exactly.

HOWARD MEGDAL: While Katy Perry’s attire on Sesame Street couldn’t be considered traditional, I fail to see why it should cause any more consternation than if she arrived on set wearing a funny hat.

As far as I can tell, seeing Katy Perry’s cleavage will not lead children into various acts of depravity, turning Universal Pre-K into the set of Madonna: Truth or Dare. There’s far more evidence that this country as a whole suffers from unwarranted sexual shame.

Unless you also believe that Annette Funicello’s tight tops contributed directly to the sexual revolution of the 1960s, all Perry’s outfit did was provide a 2010 twist on a country that cannot embrace a reasonable view of the human body on TV, with the activists in the field too busy covering up perfectly safe images.

Presumably, this is to create more room on TV for shows about gruesome deaths and autopsies.

Or perhaps you thought CSI stood for “Children Show Imagination”?

In the meantime, a wardrobe choice no different than what my daughter will see when she walks down any street in the summer will fail to summon my indignation. Even if this did spur curiosity in your child, what parent would prefer that such questions come when you are unable to have that discussion with your child yourself?

Unfortunately, it is a parent who hasn’t figured out how to process such images, either. So do me a favor. You know how you pretend not to be afraid of spiders so you won’t transmit that fear to your child? Try and do the same with the human body, so when your child dates my child, nobody has to go to sex therapy for parent-based shame issues.

As Mrs. Timothy Lovejoy would say, “Won’t someone PLEASE think of the children?” Because your freakout about Katy Perry’s comfort with her own attractiveness is, to be frank, only about you.

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