In Briefs: Cary Grant

HOWARD MEGDAL: What is the finest Cary Grant film, anyway? My vote is either Philadelphia Story or North By Northwest.

LAURA ROBERTS: Hmm. Well, I do know that it was NOT Arsenic and Old Lace. I like my Cary Grant to be suave, not slapstick. I think probably NXNW, although I feel like I need to watch more of his films to have a broader comparison.

SARA WELSH: Arsenic  and Old Lace is my absolute favorite Cary Grant film.  It’s awesome.

THOMAS DELAPA: Those are good picks, Howard.  For semi-finalists, I’d toss in Bringing Up Baby, Notorious and His Girl Friday.  Speaking of Archibald Leach, has any Hollywood star ever looked so good in a suit and tie?  He was probably never more the sophisticated, dashing “Cary Grant” than in Philadelphia Story, but Hitchcock brought out both his dashing and dark sides. N by NW seems to summarize Grant’s entire career, and Hitchcock’s as well, plus it has the classic crop-duster chase scene.

HOWARD MEGDAL: His Girl Friday is right up there for me as well. I feel like Bringing Up Baby is a step down from those three, and Notorious is not quite in NXNW class.
Others up there for me: Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House, My Favorite Wife, Suspicion.
Not making the cut: Operation Petticoat.

THOMAS DELAPA: I agree about Bringing Up Baby. Time for a revision on that one (though don’t dare tell Peter Bogdanovich). Funny in parts, but too self-consciously “screwball.” Also voted off the island: Monkey Business and Father Goose.

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