In Briefs: Bacon

ZOE RICE: Different topic, but one involving a former favorite topic of… I think it was Ted? Bacon. Colored bacon, specifically. Bacon art?

By the way I think bacon is one of the most overrated foods out there.

HOWARD MEGDAL: When Ted reads what you wrote, you are going to be in trouble.

AKIE BERMISS: I saw the colored bacon thing. It looks gross. However, let me be the vanguard of those who defend bacon, but Marc Antony style (I come to bury bacon, not to praise it).

Its true bacon is like the Kim Kardashian of meats. Its gets way too much credit for being the sexiest, tastiest, awesomest meat around.

People go gaga over it. They sylliloquize it. The talk about it like
its the second coming of christ. All this is too much. Way over the

But to be fair, bacon actually is really awesome. And good bacon is, in my opinion, exquisite. A friend of mine is a biodynamic farmer in Hudson NY and each year he raises somewhere between 2 and 6 pigs for to slaughter. In the winter of 2008 I bought a half pig and split it with a friend (we still have a leg upstate that wouldn’t fit into my car). That bacon was so goddamed delicious I felt like it was almost criminal to eat it because it meant there was les and less of it. I’m a pork lover in general, but at the top of my list is probably sausages, bacon, and the proscuitto.

Bacon is savory so its always OK if you like it. When its made well,
though, its pretty heavenly. I don’t wish to deify bacon, its not
manna or anything (by that I mean its not: coffee) but it is very good in my opinion.

And it really gets on my nerves when people call it a garnish or side dish.

Overrated, perhaps. But to an aficionado (such as myself) it is a
fine, fine, fine food.

TED BERG: Sorry for the self promotion, but regarding homemade bacon:

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