In Briefs: Cookbook Follies

JILLIAN LOVEJOY LOWERY: This is a really, really unfortunate typo:

AKIE BERMISS: Oh man. I find that hilarious. (it’s the ‘freshly’ that gets me)

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: Yeah, they’re DESTROYING all the books? I mean, is there any way that anyone would ever read that and think it was serious or on purpose?

AKIE BERMISS: Admittedly though, could you keep selling it?

JEFF MORROW: They could do like they do with sports merchandise for championships that don’t happen, and donate the unmarketable leftovers to Afri… oh… I see the problem.

ZOE RICE: Obvs you can’t keep selling it. The dish would taste completely different.

AKIE BERMISS: Yes! Zoe cleaning up!

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