In Briefs: Olympics Liveblogging 2/26 (Updates throughout the evening)

JESSICA BADER: Tonight’s events (well, some of them tonight’s events, some of them today’s events on tape delay) include the women’s slalom, the four-man bobsled, and a handful of short track races (men’s 500m, women’s 1000m and men’s 5000m relay). I was looking forward to the short track events the most anyway, but after dealing with the snowstorm in NYC today my viewing preference for indoor events is even more pronounced. I’ve seen enough snow today, thank you very much.

JESSICA BADER: The bobsledders’ uniforms make me think of old-school superheros, especially that silver pattern that’s on the back of most of them. And we have our first crash of the night, with the Russian bobsled finishing the race on its side. Scary how far the sled still traveled after it turned over like that.

JESSICA BADER: So, Lindsey Vonn medaled in two of her events and wiped out in the other three. I’m still not quite sure why she was unable to finish that slalom run; she didn’t fall, so I’m assuming she missed one of the sticks she was supposed to hit.

JESSICA BADER: Another short-track race, another collision. Apolo Ohno’s leap to avoid the two crashers was pretty awesome.

JESSICA BADER: Also pretty awesome: South Korean skater Kwak Yoon-Gy muscling his way into the semifinals with a couple of great passes.

JESSICA BADER: The referee who made the decision to disqualify the South Korean women’s relay team on Wednesday has received death threats and is not refereeing tonight’s races for safety reasons. Daaaamn, talk about taking sports a tad too seriously.

JESSICA BADER: In the men’s 500m semis, Ohno pulls off the win despite the disadvantage of the furthest outside start position. Once again, he has to avoid a skater who fell.

JESSICA BADER: In the finals, a falling skater hurts Ohno rather than helping him, as he is disqualified for making contact with a Canadian skater who subsequently fell. Ohno would have won the silver had he not been disqualified, and the announcers seem to think that the contact was minimal enough that Ohno would not have been disqualified if the other skater had not fallen. A final lap pile-up and a controversial disqualification – that’s short track in a nutshell.

JESSICA BADER: Five teams in the men’s relay? This should be a glorious mess.

JESSICA BADER: Less of a mess than I would have thought, probably thanks to the French team pretty much disappearing a few laps in. The US team was in fourth for most of the race, but Ohno pushed through in the final lap to get them to the podium, bringing his career medal total to eight. There’s a lot of talk that this will be his last Olympics; I really hope that’s not the case.

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