In Briefs: Super Bowl Predictions

JASON CLINKSCALES: I’m not big on posting scores, but since this is the proverbial gun-to-head scenario, I’ll say Indy 31 – NO 24.

It’ll be a far better offensive game than what we endured for the NFC Championship Game where it appeared that NFL Films was able to tape a five-minute segment of just fumbles for its annual follies episode. The Saints will give Peyton Manning some interesting blitzes early and since neither team has a consistently strong running game, we’ll see the ball in the air quite a bit. However, if the Colts get some good rushes late in the first half, it bodes well for them in the second; this is how they softened up the New York Jets to the tune of 24 unanswered points for the win. These teams aren’t all that dissimilar in terms of potent offenses; big play receivers, rollercoaster running games, exceptional quarterbacks and offensive lines; speed-based defenses. However, experience and better front seven defensive pressure is on Indianapolis’ side.

HOWARD MEGDAL: Colts 38, Saints 10

Sports is currently going through a phase where the clear favorites are winning championships. UNC in college basketball took the title last year, and it wasn’t close. The Yankees won the World Series. The Lakers won the NBA Finals. In short, there are no reasons to think that the “Who Dat” Saints are going to give America a feel-good story. But 2010 isn’t about feeling good, any more than 2009 was. The Saints will be demoralized, and if Monday around the water cooler is going to be fun for anyone, it will have to be because of one of the commercials. On the plus side, massive unemployment means many people aren’t going to have water coolers to gather around.

CHRIS PUMMER: Saints 126, Colts -7

FEMA Wasteland destroys Redneck Heartland. Senator David Vitter helps the Saints celebrate by putting a hold on Obama nominees until he gets an earmark to get the players each a prostitute. Sen. Evan Bayh’s poll numbers drop to Rod Blagojevich levels as Colts loss inspires Dan Quayle to return to Indiana to run for Bayh’s seat. Quayle wins crowded primary that includes Larry Bird, Bobby Knight and fellow returning carpetbagger Dan Coats. Bayh loses his primary, finishing fourth behind David Letterman, Brendan Fraser and the corpse of Johnny Appleseed.

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