2010 Free Agent Thoughts

Previewing this winter’s free agents, list courtesy of MLBTraderumors.com:


Eliezer Alfonzo (31)

Brad Ausmus (41)

Paul Bako (38)

Rod Barajas (34) – Type B
HOWARD MEGDAL: Barajas seems particularly suited to this market. His drawbacks- low BA, relatively old- are echoed by the other primary catcher free agents, and his power stands out. He’ll be a bargain in this group.
CHRIS PUMMER: I am not as high on Barajas. I think any team looking at him as a starter is in trouble.

Josh Bard (32)
Bard had a couple nice seasons, but that looks like it’s about it for him.

Michael Barrett (33)
Remember when Barrett punched A.J. Pierzynski in the face? What kind of fist fight would break out if the White Sox brought Barrett in to spell A.J. against lefties?

Henry Blanco (38)
This is who the White Sox will probably ultimately bring in as Pierzynski’s caddy.

Ramon Castro (34)
Here’s a guy who I have touted before. He got a raw deal in New York and deserves a chance to play semi-regularly. He is in terrific shape, and can hit like few catchers can.
CHRIS NEEDHAM: Yeah, just ask his last date about that.

Chris Coste (37)

Sal Fasano (38)

Toby Hall (34)

Jason Kendall (36) – Type B
CHRIS NEEDHAM: He seems willing to come back to Milwaukee, and with the team apparently unsure of Salome’s ability, they could do worse than bring back no-gloves as a stopgap.
CHRIS PUMMER: Kendall gets unfairly ripped. There just aren’t many good-hitting catchers out there. So what if he isn’t one of them anymore?

Jason LaRue (36)

Chad Moeller (35)

Bengie Molina (35) – Type A
HOWARD MEGDAL: I can’t believe the rumors- that $6 million per annum, a two-year deal is what will get Molina. That seems way too high in a non-2009 economy, let alone this one.
CHRIS PUMMER: I agree that $6 million per is too much for Molina, but 2-years/$10 million would be reasonable. He’s a better option than Barajas.

Jose Molina (35)

Miguel Olivo (31) – Type B
HOWARD MEGDAL: I much prefer Olivo to Molina, especially given price.
CHRIS PUMMER: Olivo hits lefties well and won’t kill you as a primary starter.

Mike Redmond (39)

Ivan Rodriguez (38) – Type B

Brian Schneider (33)
CHRIS NEEDHAM: I could see the Nats bringing him back; the team still raves about his old school sort of mentality. He’d ok in a platoon role, too, as the team hopes that Jesus Flores gets healthy.

Yorvit Torrealba (31) – Type B

Matt Treanor (34)

Javier Valentin (34)

Vance Wilson (37)

Gregg Zaun (39) – Type B
CHRIS NEEDHAM: I’m not sure whether I’m more amazed that Zaun’s still in the league or that he’s only 39. It seems like he’s been playing since about 1986. For as a good a hitter as he is (for a catcher), it’s surprising that he’s never really had more of a chance. By all accounts, he’s heading back to the Rays at a bargain price.


Rich Aurilia (38)
HOWARD MEGDAL: A source close to Aurilia told me that he desperately wants to play in 2010. But at 1B, even his 2008 production isn’t enough. And his 2009 .534 OPS isn’t good enough for any position. Pitcher, maybe. One of the good guys, though.

Jeff Bailey (31)

Hank Blalock (29)
HOWARD MEGDAL: He’s only a year removed from an .846 OPS, and only in 2009 did he completely give up on walking. I’d take a flyer on him.

Russell Branyan (34)
HOWARD MEGDAL: He’s going to cash in on half a good season. No thanks.
CHRIS NEEDHAM: Supposedly he was asking for a multi-year offer from the M’s. They’ve (wisely) told him “no thanks.” In the end, I think once the reality of the market slaps him a little bit, they’ll come to some sort of agreement.
CHRIS PUMMER: Can’t disagree.

Miguel Cairo (36)

Frank Catalanotto (36)

Tony Clark (38)

Carlos Delgado (38) – Type B
HOWARD MEGDAL: As good a bet as any free agent first baseman, with the exception of Adam LaRoche, and LaRoche will likely command a multi-year deal.
CHRIS NEEDHAM: Ordinarily, I’d say that he’s the Orioles’ kind of guy, but these aren’t the late-90s O’s. They’re much smarter than they used to be. Of course that means they might take a chance on him on a 1-year deal instead of throwing a giant bundle of cash at him as they might’ve done in the past.

Nomar Garciaparra (36)
CHRIS PUMMER: Sad that this member of the late 90s shortstop trinity won’t join Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez in the Hall of Fame.

Ross Gload (34)
CHRIS PUMMER: The Royals would have been better off keeping Gload than bringing in Mike Jacobs.

Eric Hinske (32)
CHRIS NEEDHAM: Someone like Texas, who could use someone in case Chris Davis craps the bed again, could benefit from his versatility. (Insert your own scare quotes.)

Nick Johnson (31) – Type B
CHRIS NEEDHAM: I’m really interested to see where he’s going to land. The Giants had sniffed around him at the trading deadline last season, and given how little they got from the position, it seems like it’d make sense for them. But what kind of contract will he get? How much of an injury discount will he get? Will he get more than two years? I’m not sure I’d want my team signing him; I really think his wrist problems, which have been an on-again off-again problem throughout his career really limit his power production. OBP is nice, but if you can’t drive the ball to the outfield as a 1B, it’s had to be much more than average.

Adam LaRoche (30) – Type B
CHRIS NEEDHAM: I’d somewhat be surprised if he didn’t stay with the Braves. Bobby Cox certainly seems to have a love/hate relationship with him. I wonder, though, if they’d consider moving Chipper to 1B and signing one of the glut of FA 3B? If he doesn’t go there, I could see the Giants making a push at him — he’s certainly lower ceiling then Nick Johnson, but gives you much more certainty.

Doug Mientkiewicz (36)

Kevin Millar (38)

Fernando Tatis (35) – Type B
HOWARD MEGDAL: Tatis is more than sufficient as a utility player. Seldom do they hit for Tatis’ power and play 2B/3B/SS/LF/1B.
CHRIS NEEDHAM: You forgot the scare quotes around ‘play’. He’s gotta end up back with the Mets, right? And not just for Omar fetish reasons.

Chad Tracy (30)
CHRIS NEEDHAM: My gut says that Mike Rizzo and the Nats have his agent on speed dial. If he’s not looking to start (and why would he not?), he’d be a pretty solid all-corners back-up for the Nats.

Daryle Ward (35)
HOWARD MEGDAL: I really thought his age was a typo. Wow, 35. Where does the time go?
CHRIS NEEDHAM: You haven’t lived until you’ve seen him in the outfield.

Dmitri Young (36)
CHRIS NEEDHAM: Does Golden Corral have a company softball team?


Ronnie Belliard (35) – Type B
CHRIS NEEDHAM: LA stole their 2B last year; AZ will steal LA’s. They’re likely looking for a part-time starter/ versatile backup. Bellylard’s all that and more.

Jamey Carroll (36)
CHRIS PUMMER: I was surprised to see Carroll has actually been a pretty decent player three of the last four years. As a utility guy he’d be an OK pickup, but a team looking for a starter should be looking for more upside.

Alex Cora (34)
HOWARD MEGDAL: We now know: grit doesn’t help you cover ground defensively.

Craig Counsell (39)
CHRIS PUMMER: Apparently out of a job in Milwaukee after his best season ever.

Mark DeRosa (35) – Type B
CHRIS NEEDHAM: No rationality here, but I’m saying the Twins. Gardy seems to like his infielders who can move all over the place, and he’s certainly an upgrade with the bat over the crap they’ve run out there recently. If stadium revenues are up (and spent!), they’ll have the dough.
CHRIS PUMMER: DeRosa goes back to either the Cardinals or Cubs.

Nick Green (31)

Jerry Hairston Jr. (34)
Another useful utility guy who the Reds tried to stretch as a starter at the beginning of the year.

Orlando Hudson (32) – Type A
HOWARD MEGDAL: Looks like he’s right at his sell-by date. Would NOT commit to multi-year deal.
CHRIS NEEDHAM: He’ll be a Nat on a two-year deal. They wanted him last year, but got scared off by medical reports. Why they’d want him a year later, and a year closer to the end is beyond me. Think the Dodgers gamble and offer arbitration?

Adam Kennedy (34)
HOWARD MEGDAL: This guy is the second-best value, for a one-year deal, at his position.

Felipe Lopez (30) – Type B
CHRIS PUMMER: Lopez has been pretty good since his lone All-Star season in 2005, save his awful 2007. If there weren’t a lot of good 2B options out there — and there are a ton — he’d be making big bucks next year.

Mark Loretta (38)
Along with Mark Gruzielanek and Mark DeRosa, disproving the popular notion that a second baseman’s best days are long gone after he turns 30. Or maybe it’s just a thing about being named Mark. Hard to think he’ll prove you can last into your 40s at the position.

Pablo Ozuna (35)

Placido Polanco (34) – Type A
A chronically underrated player, Polanco has a great glove. It’s always scary to take a chance on a player that depends on his batting average at this age, but on a one- or two-year deal, might outplay Orlando Hudson.

Luis Rodriguez (30)

Juan Uribe (31)
HOWARD MEGDAL: This guy is the better value. His whole career, people focus on what Juan Uribe can’t do. What he can do? Field very well and hit for power. The former is borne out by his defensive stats.


Eric Bruntlett (32)

Orlando Cabrera (35) – Type A, can’t be offered arbitration

Juan Castro (38)

Bobby Crosby (30)
The A’s could still bring Miguel Tejada back, you know.

Adam Everett (33)

Chris Gomez (39)

Alex Gonzalez (32)
I know Toronto wanted to nail down its SS question, but I think they blew it by rushing to sign Gonzalez.

Nick Green (31)

Khalil Greene (30)
It will take a GM that can muster more optimism than I can to give Greene a clean shot at full-time work.

John McDonald (35)

Luis Rodriguez (30)

Marco Scutaro (34) – Type A
HOWARD MEGDAL: Signing this guy as a top-tier free agent is asking for trouble. He’s a middle infielder of varying offensive ability who is 34.
CHRIS NEEDHAM: He’s another player who I just don’t see the market for. Where’s he going to go if Toronto doesn’t re-sign him? Who needs a big-dollar shortstop? Boston’s kicked the tires, but that’s probably just a due diligence thing. I can’t remember — was he one of the players Billy Beane ran out of Oakland? If not, hey, let’s pick them on a way below market deal right before spring.

Miguel Tejada (36) – Type A
CHRIS NEEDHAM: He’s praying to whoever the hell it is he prays to that Drayton offers him arb. Failing that, I could see Toronto. He’s likely to come relatively cheaply, and they could certainly use a tiny bit of offense at short. Would Philly consider him as a 3B?
CHRIS PUMMER: If the price is right, Tejada might be a pickup with some nice upside for someone.

Wilson Valdez (32)

Omar Vizquel (43)
Back in a mentor role, this time for the White Sox.


Brian Barden (29)

Adrian Beltre (31) – Type B
HOWARD MEGDAL: Here’s a fun fact: due to his early start and durability, Adrian Beltre is about 8 full seasons from 3,000 hits.
CHRIS NEEDHAM: I wonder if LaRussa’s going to make a push for a defense-first guy here. The Cards definitely have the money to spend, especially if Holliday heads to Boston.
CHRIS PUMMER: I think Beltre is finished. He was a nice player, even all those years he was criticized for what ended up being a very fair contract from Seattle. But I don’t know if his power is coming back, even in a friendlier hitting environment. If it doesn’t, no amount of stellar glovework will make him an asset for a good team.

Aaron Boone (37)

Joe Crede (32)
Crede’s a great bet for a contender in need of a third baseman. If they’re only planning on contending until June.

Pedro Feliz (35)
Maybe the same player as Beltre right now, but older.

Chone Figgins (32) – Type A
CHRIS NEEDHAM: He seems just like the kind of stupid signing we’d expect Ed Wade to make. If they don’t re-sign Tejada, Figgins would be perfect as the Astros’ latest salary drainer.
CHRIS PUMMER: I actually like Figgins, and think he’ll be a better signing than Matt Holliday or Jason Bay. He’s a real on-base threat with speed and plus defense at third base.

Troy Glaus (33) – Type B
CHRIS NEEDHAM: The Orioles seem to want to add a short-term, decent FA bat at one of the corners. Glaus would seem to be a perfect option for them, especially with Ty Wigginton able to bounce around at either position depending on Glaus’s health. Or is that “health”?

Mike Lamb (34)

Melvin Mora (38) – Type B
The Mora era ends in Baltimore, and probably doesn’t begin for another team.

Robb Quinlan (33)


: NL beware: Anderson’s defensive position should always be written in air quotes. For instance, now batting, the “left fielder”, Garret Anderson.
CHRIS NEEDHAM: Braves fans would argue that you could to the same with the “batting” portion.

Marlon Anderson (36)

Jason Bay (31) – Type A
CHRIS NEEDHAM: He might have the best bat, but if not Boston, where? I’m looking around the league, and I’m not seeing many teams that are willing to pay big bucks for a corner outfielder. I haven’t heard LAA’s name come up, but could he be a Vlad replacement? What about in St. Louis if Holliday gets his big money from Boston? It seems like he’s someone who could be hurt by not signing early with the few teams willing to go big money and multiple years, especially as Boras’s clients start getting parceled out. If the Braves move Derek Lowe’s salary, wouldn’t he be the perfect bat for that lineup?

Emil Brown (35)

Marlon Byrd (32) – Type B
HOWARD MEGDAL: How quickly we go from underappreciated to overpriced.

Johnny Damon (36) – Type A
HOWARD MEGDAL: Coincidentally, the reported starting point for Damon- two years, $19 million- is also the point where I hang up the phone.
CHRIS NEEDHAM: But you’re also not spending your Steinbrenner family inheritance. If it’s just 2/$19 or thereabouts, I’d imagine the Yankees sign. He’s not embarrassing in the field (as long as you ignore the arm) and gives them some flexibility with the DH position that they’d lose if they signed Matsui. Boras is usually pretty good about steering his clients to the one or two places that are willing to give them the money, and this seems like a pretty good match.

David Dellucci (36)

Cliff Floyd (37)

Matt Holliday (30) – Type A
HOWARD MEGDAL: The number I can’t get out of my head whenever I hear Holliday’s price tag soaring above $100 million? His career .808 OPS on the road.
CHRIS NEEDHAM: Like I said with the Damon comment, Boras is good at steering his players to where they want to get paid. He knows that Boston and NY both want a solid FA outfielder. Boston’s probably not interested in Damon, so if he steers Holliday to Beantown, both players get their money. Can St. Louis keep up with Boston’s cash… possible, but I’d be surprised.

Laynce Nix (29)

Greg Norton (37)

Wily Mo Pena (28)
HOWARD MEGDAL: I’d love to know why the Mets let him go in June.
CHRIS NEEDHAM: Cause he sucks?

Dave Roberts (38)

Gary Sheffield (41)

Marcus Thames (33)
HOWARD MEGDAL: Thames has a career .845 OPS against lefties. Casey Stengel would have made him a star.

Randy Winn (36) – Type B


Rick Ankiel (30)
CHRIS NEEDHAM: If the Cubs are able to move Milton Bradley, someone like Ankiel could make sense for them — assuming their new owner gives them any sort of budget to work with.
HOWARD MEGDAL: Won’t this guy go back to pitching eventually? To complete the circle?

Rocco Baldelli (28)

Marlon Byrd (32) – Type B
CHRIS NEEDHAM: Texas could use his bat and his glove. They’re likely in the market for a CFer — or at least a decent-hitting OFer. So why not stick with the devil you know? Beats bringing Milton Bradley back in.

Mike Cameron (37) – Type B
CHRIS NEEDHAM: The Yankees had considered trading for him last year. If they don’t go Damon, would they consider going cheap and bringing him to play LF? If they do go Damon, would they make him the league’s most expensive fourth outfielder? If he doesn’t go to NY, would MIL bring him back? He strikes me as someone who, while talented, could be a spring-training invitee if he doesn’t sign quickly, losing the FA game of musical chairs.

Endy Chavez (32)

Coco Crisp (30)
CHRIS NEEDHAM: He seems to be the rare kind of Free Agent who actually seems willing to re-sign with Kansas City. His lack of bat fits in perfectly, too.

Darin Erstad (36)

Jeff Fiorentino (27)

Ryan Freel (34)

Joey Gathright (28)

Reed Johnson (33)
CHRIS NEEDHAM: He’s played plenty of center but I’m not sure I’d call him a centerfielder. If the Brewers don’t re-sign Mike Cameron, he could be the best of a bad (cheap) lot.

Andruw Jones (33)
CHRIS NEEDHAM: I’ve got a feeling that he’s headed to Chicago for something like $500K guaranteed.
CHRIS PUMMER: According to the fielding stats, Jones was stellar in the outfield corners last season. It’s a small sample size, but given what he’s done in the past, I so no reason to take them at their value. Given how bad Jermaine Dye has been with the glove, Jones might actually be an upgrade if he just outright replaced him. As it is, the White Sox will keep looking.

Corey Patterson (30)
From here Patterson probably only helps fill out AAA rosters. Not how I thought it would end up for Patterson around June of 2003.

Scott Podsednik (34)
Pods should have taken whatever the White Sox offered him. It’s not like anyone else is excited about giving him a job.

DeWayne Wise (32)


Jermaine Dye (36) – Type A
The Sox seemed like they might’ve closed the door when they declined his option, but if he comes back in mid-February without a contract, they’ll certainly listen to what he’s proposing.

Brian Giles (39) – Type B
And to think, he was considered a safe signing for the Padres a few years ago.

Vladimir Guerrero (35) – Type B
HOWARD MEGDAL: Someone will overpay for the name.

Geoff Jenkins (35)

Austin Kearns (30)

Jason Michaels (34)

Xavier Nady (31) – Type B
CHRIS NEEDHAM: I could see the Braves trying to solve their OF problems cheaply with ol’ Nady.


Jason Giambi (39)

Aubrey Huff (33)

Hideki Matsui (36)
HOWARD MEGDAL: It could be that his Japanese value makes him a good bet for an AL team.
CHRIS NEEDHAM: Ken Griffey not retiring probably closed off the M’s “goodwill” salary slot. So where does he end up? Who needs a DH? Would San Fran dare play him in the outfield?
CHRIS PUMMER: Matsui and Thome are the only guys on this list of DHs that don’t look washed up.

Mike Sweeney (36)

Jim Thome (39)
CHRIS NEEDHAM: Back in Black.


Brandon Backe (32)

Cha Seung Baek (30)

Miguel Batista (39)

Erik Bedard (31) – Type B
HOWARD MEGDAL: You wonder if that ace is still in there.
CHRIS PUMMER: The ace is. You wonder more if the ligaments are.

Kris Benson (34)

Paul Byrd (39)

Daniel Cabrera (29)

Chris Capuano (31)

Aroldis Chapman (22)
HOWARD MEGDAL: Pitching prospects with a demonstrable minor league track record are risky. Just sayin’.

Bartolo Colon (37)

Jose Contreras (38)

Doug Davis (34) – Type B
HOWARD MEGDAL: Love him on a short-term deal.
CHRIS NEEDHAM: So will Dayton Moore.
CHRIS PUMMER: Oh, no. I think he goes to the Brewers.

Lenny DiNardo (30)

Justin Duchscherer (32) – Type B

Adam Eaton (32)

Shawn Estes (37)

Josh Fogg (33)

Jon Garland (30) – Type B
CHRIS NEEDHAM: I can’t wait until the Nats roll him out as the team’s big off-season acquisition.

Tom Glavine (44)

Mike Hampton (37)
Do Hampton’s kids still go to those great Colorado schools? Or are the Rockies just still on the hook for tuition to private school?

Rich Harden (28) – Type B
CHRIS NEEDHAM: If there’s justice in this world, Arizona signs him so I no longer have to stop and think about whether I mean Haren or Harden when I’m typing quickly.

Mark Hendrickson (36)

Livan Hernandez (35)
HOWARD MEGDAL: 35. Excellent.
CHRIS PUMMER: Livan looks like he’s going to pitch his age — in ERA.

Rich Hill (30)
Get your reclamation project right here!

Shawn Hill (29)

Jason Jennings (31)

Jason Johnson (36)

Randy Johnson (46) – Type B
CHRIS NEEDHAM: Suburban Arizona schoolchildren best stay off his lawn; he’ll be watching you this year.

John Lackey (31) – Type A
CHRIS NEEDHAM: Is Omar going to double down and hope an all-pitching team can save his job? They supposedly don’t have much (any?) money to spend, but if they got creative with the contract structure, maybe there’s a fit there. Boston’s looming, but if he’s staying in the AL, won’t the Angels pull out all the stops? I just hope the Nats don’t sign him; the thought of having to watch 30 games of closeups of him in HD is enough to drive me crazy(ier).

Braden Looper (35) – Type B
The Brewers declined his option so they could give too much money to a different crappy pitcher this year.

Rodrigo Lopez (34)

Noah Lowry (29)

Jason Marquis (31) – Type B
CHRIS NEEDHAM: Your Target Field Opening Day starter. Twins want an innings-eater, and if there’s one pitcher who really eats it on an inning-by-inning basis, it’s ol’ Jason.

Pedro Martinez (38)

Eric Milton (34)

Brett Myers (29)

Vicente Padilla (32) – Type B

Carl Pavano (34) – Type B
HOWARD MEGDAL: Numbers suggest this guy could thrive in the NL. Injuries could always return, however.
CHRIS NEEDHAM: My gut — as ample as it is, it’s usually wrong — screams “DODGERS!” here, although that could’ve been the sushi I just ate. My gut also sometimes forgets that Joe Torre manages LA still.

Brad Penny (32)
CHRIS NEEDHAM: If he’s willing to work cheaply, I’d imagine that SF would be happy to have him back. I imagine his A.L. days are over with.

Odalis Perez (33)

Andy Pettitte (38) – Type B
CHRIS NEEDHAM: There’s no chance he goes somewhere besides NY. (Or his Texas home)

Joel Pineiro (31) – Type B
CHRIS NEEDHAM: This will be the perfect chance to see his and his agent’s intelligence. He owes Dave Duncan 60% of whatever this next contract is, and if he doesn’t want it to be his last, he’ll make sure he’s getting this one from St. Louis. That being said, given his new-found groundball tendencies, and the Nats desire to find an innings-eating veteran starter, I could see them kicking the tires.

Sidney Ponson (33)

Mark Prior (28)

Horacio Ramirez (30)

Jason Schmidt (37)

Ben Sheets (31)
HOWARD MEGDAL: The scarcity of top-of-the-line pitchers could make his base salary big enough that you should keep your distance.

John Smoltz (43)

Brett Tomko (37)

Jarrod Washburn (35)
CHRIS NEEDHAM: If he’s smart, he goes to San Diego. His flyball style is perfect for the N.L. and perfect for that park. They’ve likely got the money — so long as Washburn doesn’t think he’s actually as good as his ERA was last season.

Todd Wellemeyer (31)

Kip Wells (33)

Randy Wolf (33) – Type A
HOWARD MEGDAL: Teams paying for 2009 will be disappointed.


Mike Gonzalez (32) – Type A

Kevin Gregg (32) – Type A

Fernando Rodney (33) – Type B
CHRIS NEEDHAM: Ed Wade pees himself a little bit when he thinks about signing him.

Rafael Soriano (30) – Type A

Jose Valverde (32) – Type A
Sign the economy is coming back will be if Valverde gets more than $25 million.

Billy Wagner (38) – Type A
HOWARD MEGDAL: When you put it that way, other closers, Wagner’s the best bet.


Luis Ayala (32)

Danys Baez (32)

Joaquin Benoit (32)

Rafael Betancourt (35) – Type A
CHRIS NEEDHAM: I could see the Rockies opening the wallet a bit, deepening their pen.

Chad Bradford (35)
CHRIS NEEDHAM: Ed Wade pees himself a little bit when he thinks about signing him.

Doug Brocail (43) – Type B

Kiko Calero (35) – Type B

Chad Cordero (28)

Elmer Dessens (38)
HOWARD MEGDAL: Surprisingly effective in 2009.

R.A. Dickey (35)

Brendan Donnelly (38)

Octavio Dotel (36) – Type A
I think it goes for everyone else left on this list that you’ll want to gag if your team gives them a multi-year deal.

Kelvim Escobar (33)
Coming off an injury, Ecobar could be a nice on-the-cheap signing for a team in need of a swingman or setup guy.

Eric Gagne (34)

Geoff Geary (33)
CHRIS NEEDHAM: Ed Wade pees himself a little bit when he thinks about signing him.

Dan Giese (33)

Edgar Gonzalez (27)

Tom Gordon (42)

Jason Grilli (33)

LaTroy Hawkins (37) – Type A

Matt Herges (40)

Bob Howry (36) – Type B
CHRIS NEEDHAM: Ed Wade pees himself a little bit when he thinks about signing him.

Jason Isringhausen (37)

Jorge Julio (31)

Masahide Kobayashi (36)

Shane Loux (30)

Brandon Lyon (30) – Type B
CHRIS NEEDHAM: Atlanta? Why the heck not.

Gary Majewski (30)

Guillermo Mota (36) – Type B

Joe Nelson (35)

Chan Ho Park (37) – Type B
CHRIS NEEDHAM: Ed Wade pe… ok, you got it by now.
CHRIS PUMMER: I don’t think Wade’s going to have enough money to throw around at middle relievers this offseason. And if he did, he probably wouldn’t throw it at a guy like Park who might actually pitch well.

Tomo Ohka (34)

Tony Pena Jr. (29)

Joel Peralta (34)

Troy Percival (40)

J.J. Putz (33)
HOWARD MEGDAL: You’re asking for the fastball to come back with a reconstructed elbow. No thanks.

Juan Rincon (31)

Takashi Saito (40)

Duaner Sanchez (30)

Rudy Seanez (41)

Justin Speier (36)

Russ Springer (41) – Type B

Julian Tavarez (37)

Luis Vizcaino (35)

Tyler Walker (34)

David Weathers (40) – Type B

Jeff Weaver (33)

Jamey Wright (35)

Yasuhiko Yabuta (37)

Tyler Yates (32)


Joe Beimel (32) – Type B
CHRIS NEEDHAM: The Braves will likely be looking for a solid reliever considering the ones they could lose.

Bruce Chen (33)

Alan Embree (40)

Scott Eyre (38) – Type B

Casey Fossum (32)

Mike Gosling (29)

Eddie Guardado (39)

Mark Hendrickson (36)

Ron Mahay (39)

Will Ohman (31) – Type B

Darren Oliver (39) – Type A

Horacio Ramirez (30)

Glendon Rusch (35)

Scott Schoeneweis (36)
HOWARD MEGDAL: The man can get out lefties, period. A good idea to sign him. Don’t pay three-years, $10.8 million like the Mets did, but worth a one-year deal.

Brian Shouse (41) – Type B

Ken Takahashi (41)

Jack Taschner (32)

Ron Villone (40)

Jamie Walker (38)

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