In Briefs: Musical Names and Hypocrisy


Is anyone familiar with Mark McGrath’s work on celebrity Rock ‘N Roll Jeopardy!? He was completely dominant, and the questions weren’t even that easy. And I don’t mean like “good for a celebrity” dominant. He was like Ken Jennings dominant.

It made me briefly like Mark McGrath more. Then I actually realized it made me dislike him more, because it meant he knew a ton about music and still chose to make shitty songs.


On McGrath, yes and yes.  I had the same experience and revelation.  I’m like, if you know who the Buzzcocks are then how come you’re Sugar Ray?


As Dave alludes to, another funny thing about Mark McGrath is that theoretically he was only a part of Sugar Ray. It’s like, c’mon dude. Clearly you’re Sugar Ray.

Kinda like Darius Rucker claiming that he’s not Hootie. Dude, you’re the lead singer in a band called Something and the Somethings. That clearly makes you Something. In this case, Hootie.


Indeed.  Interesting example is Alice Cooper, whose real name is Vincent.  He was just the lead singer of a band called Alice Cooper for a long time and eventually just kind of accepted that he was in fact Alice Cooper.  The guy from Jethro Tull still goes by ‘that flute playing dork.’


Did you know that the lead singer of Nickelback is named Scott Nickelback, but the band Nickelback is not named for Scott Nickelback? It’s just a weird coincidence.


Oh yeah, or how Kid Rock’s real name is Johnny Trailer-Trash but he was born to a well-to-do banker.

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