Modern Family: Season 4, Episode 11 — “New Year’s Eve”

KIP MOONEY: I love when Modern Family gets some edge. There are the occasional bawdy jokes that were bound to fly right over the heads of most of the show’s younger viewers. By leaving the kids at home, this week’s episode featured plenty of jokes and situations that made this inappropriate for families but perfect for comedy.

I never thought we’d see the inside of a gay club on this show, but this is 2013 now, and we can show things like this. I love how Modern Family has subtly been pushing the boundaries the longer it’s been on the air. This let the writers take the tired storyline of a couple feeling old while trying and failing to stay young and gives it a daring edge.

Oh, and there were nudists! Claire and Phil run into them during what’s supposed to be a private, intimate moment. Didn’t think I’d see that either. And all this was right after Claire bluntly told Phil: “I want to have sex with you.” I think many viewers will be turned off by the sudden sex obsession in this episode, but I’m definitely down with shaking things up.

But best of all, we got Lando himself up in here! That’s right. Billy Dee Williams guest-starred as a player at poker game Jay gets sucked into on New Year’s Eve. I wish he would have been a little looser with his persona, but his presence is always welcome.

This episode could have been even better if we didn’t see the kids at all (and I know I’m always wanting more for the kids to do), but this show will always take more over less. But if it’s more like what we saw tonight, that’ll be just fine with me.

Cam, after Mitch wants to find the “Goldilocks” gay bar: “Oh, look! Three bears!”

Haley to Luke: “You hate me now but one day you’ll thank me! Oh my god. I think I owe Mom a huge apology.”

Mitch: “There’s definitely something sticky over here.”

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