Modern Family: Season 4, Episode 8 — “Mistery Date”

Technical difficulties kept this from going out earlier, but here’s your weekly recap of Modern Family.

Sometimes, it’s just too easy. The stories on this week’s Modern Family have all been done to death. Yet, they still delivered bountiful laughs. While again we had an overstuffed episode, there were so many quick jokes, it made for another enjoyable half-hour.

The big guest star was Matthew Broderick, cast against type as an awkward friend of Phil’s, who mistakes his oblivious kindness and lack of boundaries as romantic interest. A lesser sitcom would have made this into a homophobic series of gags, but even dating back to the season one episode “Moon Landing,” the show has managed to make hilarious but not insensitive jokes about its gay characters. It was one misunderstanding after another, but each one was more and more hilarious.

I didn’t enjoy the 1200 other stories as much, but they still provided plenty of laughs and great gags. I’m talking about Jay getting caught hugging the guy in the bunny costume, Cam claiming not to be pushy while literally pushing Gloria onto a deck chair, and Claire swiping back her chair cushion.

We also had Manny and Luke has Bar Mitzvah Crashers, which I should scoff at, but these were parts these characters were born to play.

This episode could have used some serious trimming (and some Haley), but I still laughed myself silly. And as we coast into this holiday season, sometimes that’s enough.

Cam: “It’s been a long time since a man’s made that sound for me.”

Phil, talking to Claire and using voice controls on his iPad: “I am–not too bright. I am–dim.”

Manny: “I feel like my whole life has led to this moment.”
Luke: “You made a very similar speech to get my mom to stop for churros.”

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