Modern Family: Aunt Mommy Review

KIP MOONEY: Watching the latest episode of Modern Family – yet another winner in my book – I couldn’t help but be reminded of one its all-time greats, “Our Children, Ourselves.” That’s for two reasons: both revolved around Cam and Mitch possibly having another kid, and both had more heart than usual.

Our main story tonight focused on one very drunken dinner with Claire and Phil, and Cam and Mitch. Disgusted by a more successful couple (Steven and Stefon) to whom Phil’s just sold a house, Cam and Mitch proceed to complain about how long it’s taking to adopt another baby, while Steven and Stefon already have a new surrogate baby.

As the night goes on and the drinks continue to flow, Claire comes up with a generous, if poorly thought-out solution: she’ll donate her egg, which Cam will fertilize and voila! A true Tucker-Pritchett baby.

The next morning, everyone tries to piece together exactly what was said, except for Cam, who’s already gone online to see what a composite photo of Claire and him might look like. Everyone immediately has two thoughts: This was an incredibly generous, selfless act on Claire’s part and incredibly messy proposition no one’s comfortable with.

I really would have loved to see this storyline play out all season, but I’ll take the emotional payoffs (yes, even the group hug at the dinner table) we got in spades this episode.

Meanwhile, Jay turns down theatre tickets promised to Manny and Gloria so Manny will go play football with some neighbor kids, which Jay feels will go a long way in toughening him up. Manny actually does great, but gets brutally tackled while picking up a penny on the field.

Turns out collecting pennies is a long-standing mother-son tradition that’s about to come to an end. Manny has reached his goal of 100, and Gloria has promised to buy him a lottery ticket with his collection. But Jay “accidentally” pockets some of the change and tells Manny he counted wrong. It was another sweet, understated moment from Ed O’Neill, who needs to win Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series later this year at the Emmys (only if Nick Offerman can’t get nominated).

Real good stuff all around. Everything since January has been dead-on. The next two episodes look to keep the streak alive.

Gloria: “You’re skating on thin eggshells, mister!”

Claire: “So I get drunk and bring a baby into the world?”
Phil: “That’d be four for four.”

Claire: “So what will she call me? Aunt Mommy?”
Phil: “That’s adorable.”
Claire: “Not adorable, Appalachian.”

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