In Briefs: Meryl Streep’s Golden Globes Reaction

HOWARD MEGDAL: Oscar nominations are out. Who would you like to make a case for? The Artist and Midnight in Paris would both be worthy best pic winners, IMO. Michelle Williams was brilliant in My Week with Marilyn. Oh, and how have I not yet seen A Better Life?!?

ZOË RICE: Best actress seems sure to be between Michelle Williams and Meryl Streep, and I give the edge to Meryl, but here’s what I’m worried about. Did anyone see the Golden Globes? When Meryl won? And her reaction? Oh, she was so surprised! A gasp, a disbelieving start! How could she, Meryl Streep, possibly win an award? It annoyed the crap out of me. I like Meryl Streep just fine, but if she goes around acting shocked to be winning awards then she’s the least genuine of them all.

NAVA BRAHE: Zoe, I read this morning that this is Meryl’s 17th Oscar nomination. Despite what you describe as her disingenuous reaction to winning the Golden Globe (I did not watch the ceremony), I hope she gets it. How many Marilyn Monroe biopics must we endure?

JESSICA BADER: Apparently, Meryl Streep and Taylor Swift do have something in common, then.

ZOË RICE: Let her win, fine by me. But you’re Meryl Streep and you’re nominated for everything and win a whole lot. You are the awards-winningest actress working today. This is how you react?

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2 Responses to In Briefs: Meryl Streep’s Golden Globes Reaction

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  2. mclerk says:

    Meryl IS genuine! She is surprised when she wins because she does not EXPECT to win an award like many other actors. She gives 110% to every role she takes on; a camelion in more cases than not. I agree she has been nominated for more awards than any other actor but lest we forget that she has also lost many, many awards. If a performance is an award winning performance then it should be honored-no matter if the actor has been given 100 awards. It frustrates me when people say, “She has enough awards-give it to someone else”…if the award is deserved for the performance given, then just because that person, whomever they may be, has won other awards, it should not exclude them from the offering. Sometimes need to remember the golden rule-Do unto others…

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