SNL Emma Stone/Coldplay

ZOË RICE: Ah, the debate with the infamous Rick Perry super flub. Can a spoof be funnier than the original? Jon Stewart got it right, pretending to forget the third of a lot of things throughout his show. This week’s open was certainly better than last week’s ghost Gaddafi, but I wonder if the spoof was too literal.

ZOË RICE: Well this just seemed like an ad for the upcoming Spiderman movie.

ZOË RICE: Oh God, again? Fair SNL, please let Secret Word die. We’re so far beyond the jumped shark that its tiny fin is just a speck on the horizon. They even had to change the way the game is played to try and make it fresh! A fail, and and unfortunate position for Kristen Wiig to be in.

ZOË RICE: Really? A second overused character and sketch in a row? My tolerance is seriously waning, and Hader breaking is becoming less and less cute every time.

ZOË RICE: That Andy Samberg just has a way with goofy music videos. Here’s another fun one that if not legendary is at least definitely enjoyable. Also the right amount of Fred Armisen.

ZOË RICE: I like Coldplay. They have a very full, distinctive sound. Even the trippy day glo set design was kinda cool. My least favorite part of the song, however, is the monotonous chorus, chorus, chorrrrrus.

ZOË RICE: Nice joke-aiding visuals this week, and Seth’s been on a roll this season; this was another strong week for him. The Devil was a great way to address the Penn State scandal, and his internet-related jokes hit well. I have a feeling Howard’s quite over Garth and Kat, but then he’s never really been under them. The duo are predictable now, it’s true, but I was amused and satiated by the addition of Chris Martin, who seems like he’d be funny in other SNL scenarios too. Garth and Kat aren’t what they used to be, but as long as the musical guest or host joins them I could handle one more go.

ZOË RICE: Not this annoying French teen thing again. Can’t they give Emma something she hasn’t done before?

ZOË RICE: Not exactly funny, but you can tell Emma Stone’s trying, and it’s not her fault.

ZOË RICE: This song isn’t what I expect from Coldplay, and it’s not my favorite in their repertoire. I wonder what Gwyneth thinks.

ZOË RICE: I love Nasim Pedrad, and I could watch her sing-cry to Adele for quite some time. I enjoyed this much more than any of the repeat sketches this week. Nice crying crescendo at the end from Armisen to Moynihan to Coldplay.

ZOË RICE: I’m not a fan of the word “hump,” but the visuals here were surprisingly funny (and surprisingly shocking), and Stone and Samberg sold it well.

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