SNL Charlie Day/Maroon 5

ZOË RICE: I’m angry at this open, for three reasons: 1) Even granting that SNL was on break for a couple weeks, Gaddafi’s killing is now kind of old news. 2) Armisen’s impression has greatly deteriorated from its height, which was the UN speech spoof a couple years ago. 3) The sketch wasn’t funny. The only part I liked was that hell looks like Libya.

HOWARD MEGDAL: Agreed- not funny enough to make up for not being timely.

ZOË RICE: I only know Charlie Day from Horrible Bosses, though I hear Always Sunny is a good show. I guess the monologue was kind of cute. But since when is Danny DeVito blond? And apparently he’s a bit awkward doing live monologue guest spots. The song itself was sweet enough, the kiss on DeVito’s forehead adorable, but overall nothing memorable here.

HOWARD MEGDAL: I had never seen or heard of Charlie Day before tonight. And when a second guest star is brought o for the monologue, that usually means they didn’t have enough to make a monologue work.

ZOË RICE: Nice work here. The writers have realized that the 3 ditzy sisters alone is getting kind of old. Adding Kristen Wiig as the mother and Taran Killam as Bruce Jenner freshened the bit up and gave it substance. Kudos as well to Andy Samberg’s grunting Kardashian Groom (do I have to know his name?) Further, sadly or no, the Kardashian divorce is still timely in the news while Gaddafi’s death isn’t.

HOWARD MEGDAL: Kris Humphries is a key part of the New Jersey Nets future! So no, you don’t. This was pitch-perfect.

ZOË RICE: Hader’s Dr. Oz isn’t a bad impression, and I’ve seen the show a couple times and Oz does do those silly “let’s make this understandable for America” analogies. But all we got here was bathroom humor. Poop and only poop. Too sophomoric to make me laugh.

HOWARD MEGDAL: Extremely one-note. Totally agree.

ZOË RICE: I thought this was a great idea, right from the start as Zeus searches for the God of Finance. My favorite parts were the Tiger Woods line, Kristen Wiig and Andy Samberg (both highlights yet again), and surprisingly Yanni, some nice, brief, silent work from Adam Levine.

HOWARD MEGDAL: Seriously. How is this not the cold open? Timely, original, very funny.

ZOË RICE: In general, I admit it’s difficult for me to determine if it’s a sketch I don’t like or just Kenan Thompson. His Cee Lo look was appropriate, but the accent wasn’t. It was just his Kenan voice. Also, why does Cee Lo need to be spoofed? He’s very conscious of being over-the-top, so portraying him as over-the-top adds nothing. I have to say I found the sketch stupid and pointless.

Does saying all Kenan Thompson characters sound alike make you a racist? No, it means you own a set of ears. This was “What’s Up With That” minus much of what makes it funny.

ZOË RICE: But…it’s the same thing as the first time. The only worthwhile additions were Pedrad and Hader. I didn’t need to see any of the rest again.

HOWARD MEGDAL: And I didn’t need any of it. Thanks, but no thanks. This is a target issue. We already know there are bad comedians out there.

ZOË RICE: They play Moves like Jagger in my step class, and it’s a good workout song, but Adam Levine’s moves are kinda silly – does he think they’re like Jagger? Also, he sure loves the camera. This is the kind of song I find myself singing along to but wouldn’t download.

So Maroon 5 picks one phrase and repeats it for three minutes. Got it.

ZOË RICE: Nicely sharp jokes from Seth this week, some of his best so far this season. Hader’s Rick Perry was fun stuff, though I’m sure it would have resonated more if I saw the appearance in New Hampshire. “Hola?” Got me. The “Closer Look at Europe” had some good laughs; Seth’s at his best when charmingly acerbic. Wiig’s Judy Grimes hasn’t lost me yet – there’s something continually amusing about her stream-of-consciousness exhalations, especially the extended last one.

Unfortunately, I didn’t think Hader’s Perry was as sharp as it should have been. But Seth was especially good this week (several weeks of news to riff off of?), and even Judy Grimes worked here.

ZOË RICE: So the joke is…that there’s a loud guy in a movie scene? So not funny.

HOWARD MEGDAL: And the payoff requires us to believe people think Kenan Thompson is a brilliant actor. Oy.

ZOË RICE: I know Maroon 5 isn’t considered particularly cool, and Adam Levine seems like something of a ham, but I thought this song was a good listen.

You are entitled to your opinion.

ZOË RICE: Just a bit…weird. Is the punchline here that everyone watches CSI? I didn’t get it.

I’ll disagree here- thought this was quite amusing. Random without being too long.

ZOË RICE: Howard, I think you agree that we wish they didn’t rerun the commercials. But I loved this first time around, and I guess I’d rather see this again than the Kings of Catchphrase Comedy.

HOWARD MEGDAL: I could probably see this one ten more times. But wow, with three weeks, I don’t really expect repeat material.

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