The Quikster Reversal

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: Hats off to you, Reed Hastings, for allowing me a glimpse into a future world where CEOs make bizarre decisions without really thinking ahead—like blasting a poorly thought-out “I’m Sowwy” email to a million subscribers at once.

I have the feeling (and, dare I say, hope?) that this is only the beginning of burgeoning trend of nutty CEOs losing their grip on reality and making incredibly bad decisions on a whim which end up hurting their companies and costing them millions. It’s only a matter of time before a CEO at Amazon beams a copy of his crappy unsold screenplay or crazypants manifesto onto every Kindle they sell in an effort to get his work out there. Or an executive at Burger King releases a YouTube video of himself doing the Charleston in a suit made entirely of sesame seed buns, forcing his public relations team to do major damage control. Thanks to the internet, it’s easier than ever for crackpots to go wild on a million customers at once, so let’s not stop with Reed Hastings. I’ve gotten a taste of high-level crazy, and I want more!

HOWARD MEGDAL: Unlike Molly, I applaud Netflix’s CEO for adding himself to a long line of those famous for drawing a line in the sand, and quickly erasing that line.

Who can forget:

A) Harry Truman’s declaration, two days after saying “The Buck Stops Here”, that losing China was mostly his daughter Margaret’s fault?

B) FDR’s acknowledgement, days after his speech saying “We have nothing to fear but fear itself”, that Rudy Vallee “creeps me the fuck out”?

C) Patrick Henry admitting that “actually, liberty and death will be just fine”?

D) Brutus insisting “I was for Caesar before I was against him”?

Reed Hastings, you are in fantastic company. Don’t ever change. And then, shortly thereafter, feel free to change.

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