So You Think You Can Dance: Week in Review

ZOË RICE: So while i was away in Florida toasting my grandfather’s 90th birthday, Ryan got sent home. Hip hip hooray! I feel a tinge of guilt in my celebration. She didn’t seem like a bad lot, not malicious at all – just…well, there were the beady eyes and the frantic hair and the desperation. Nothing seemed to come easy for Ryan, and it showed. But with our surely-all-stars-to-be peppering the top 10 with little other than talent, one couldn’t help but sit back and enjoy this week’s show.

First of all, can I get a what-what for Neil Patrick Harris? He doesn’t know a damn thing about dance, but oh, he’s just the loveliest. And it’s possible my yearbook voted me “Most likely to marry Doogie Howser.” Guest judges are better off when there are three other more knowledgeable judges filling out the panel, but for Neil I can make an exception. Neil Patrick Harris does no wrong in my book. Except (maybe) the Smurf movie.

This week on SYTYCD we got a return of the All-Stars. And surprisingly, they all showcased the top 10 better than (I imagine) the top ten could have done themselves. Chelsie will always be the queen of ballroom, Twitch will connect with his partner and the audience, Kathryn and Pasha will exude beauty and sexy beauty respectively, and somehow our favorites in the top ten – our Marko, Sasha, Melanie (oh, Melanie!) will more than hold their own. And extra bravos to them for the fact.

The bottom four were in fact the least emotionally connected to the audience, and although I would have preferred that Ricky and Jordan go home (only after Clarice’s amazing Bollywood, which endeared me toward her for the first time all season), I’m okay with the results. I do think Tyce’s piece showcased Mitchell better than the judges gave credit for, and I enjoyed his dancing, but there’s something interchangeable about Ricky and Mitchell, and I sense Ricky is  not long for the SYTYCD world anyway.

It’s possible I audibly gasped “She’s just gorgeous” when Melanie hit the stage and “She was born to dance” when I saw Sasha. How kick-ass would a final of those two ladies be? At this point, that’s what I hope for.


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