Champions League Final: Initial Thoughts

MIKE CUMMINGS: So Barcelona is the best team ever. But we already knew that didn’t we?

Actually, earlier in the season, I argued (vehemently, I seem to remember) that Barca hadn’t proven anything yet. My argument went something along the lines of, If they win it all they’ll be the best of all-time. Well, they won it all, and they’re the best. Not just this season and not just in Europe. Best ever, anywhere. Sure, Real Madrid won the Spanish Cup, but that’s small potatoes. Barca won the European Cup, in England, against an English team. I’m satisfied.

But what are we to think of United? I’m not convinced they were the second-best team in Europe. Heck, I think they won the Premier League in large part because no one else had the guts to. Plus, smoke and mirrors and Ryan Giggs can still win you titles in England, especially when this version of Arsenal is your closest competitor for much of the season.

Regardless, it was a great season for United, and they actually played a heck of a game for one half. But for Barca, it was the culmination of the best season ever.

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