Mitch Daniels Says No

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: Politicians and pundits won’t have Mitch Daniels’ name to kick around anymore when it comes to conservative presidential nominees, but don’t worry—he got one last dig in before he made that announcement, by effectively de-funding Planned Parenthood in Indiana. Pretty soon low-income women won’t have inexpensive preventative care, STD Testing and contraception to kick around anymore either, so at least Daniels went out with a bang?

Seriously though, is it time for a name change for Planned Parenthood? I feel as though the organization needs an image makeover. Not to change what it does, but to change what we call it. I mean, come on: if a controversial private security firm like Blackwater can change its name to “Xe” in order to obfuscate its checkered past, why can’t Planned Parenthood revamp its image too? I’m not suggesting that it come up with a fancy, pretentious new name in order to hide from what it does. Rather, I think Planned Parenthood should make sure its moniker more accurately reflects the services it provides. Even die-hard Planned Parenthood supporters would probably admit that there are many Americans out there who equate Planned Parenthood with abortion, a service which amounts to a very tiny fraction of what Planned Parenthood actually does. So why not change their name to, “Low-Cost Women’s Health Services”? Or even just “Women’s Health Services”, or “Accessible, Affordable Medical Care for Women?” It’s not a euphemism! It’s what Planned Parenthood does best! And I’d like to see a Governor stand up and say, “It’s high time we cut funding to Women’s Health Services”. At least then we would know where he really stood. Right, Mitch?

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