Michele Bachmann, Planned Parenthood and LensCrafters

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: Who wouldn’t love being able to get both an abortion and new sun-glass frames in about an hour? Maybe Planned Parenthood and LensCrafters SHOULD enter into negotiations…

Seriously though, I’m not sure that Bachmann’s analogy is really successful here. She’s trying to imply that Planned Parenthood is this terrible Abortion Factory, but the comparison with LensCrafters really does not serve that agenda. LensCrafters is such a benign, archaic business that it really just makes Planned Parenthood’s services sound warm, fuzzy and oh-so-convenient. It’s like calling it “the Radio Shack of Big Abortion” or “the Olive Garden of Big Abortion”. Speaking of which, who wouldn’t love endless salad and breadsticks with their abortion? I am just full of great corporate merger ideas tonight!

Granted, Bachmann was not the first one to make that analogy– but what the CEO of Planned Parenthood Illinois actually said back in 2008 was, “I like to think of Planned Parenthood as the LensCrafters of family planning”. This makes a little more sense, particularly since the shadowy, buzz-wordy term ‘big abortion’…doesn’t actually make sense.

Ultimately though, there’s nothing sinister about either LensCrafters OR Planned Parenthood, which means that a comparison of the two is little more than confusing and funny.

ALLISON REILLY: It’s a dumb analogy because it pulls a major corporation into a fight of which it doesn’t want to be a part. LensCrafters didn’t have any comment for Bachmann’s comment. Well, of course not!

It wasn’t as if LensCrafters was going to “come to the rescue” on the issue of Planned Parenthood. Any comment would have been for LensCrafters, not matter its stance. Any comment would have alienated some sector or another of the company’s clientele and would have been bad for business. Period.

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