Never Miss A Super Bowl Club Commercials

HOWARD MEGDAL: These commercials about the Never Miss A Super Bowl Club irritated me to the point that when I read this, my first reaction was, “Guess he will now!” Don’t think that speaks well of me.

MIKE CUMMINGS: I, too, was irritated by those ads. Couldn’t he have done something more constructive and humanitarian with his time and money? And did he deserve to have a commercial in which to brag about it? I’m sure he was a good husband and father, but, gah.

KRYSTEN OLIPHANT: I thought the same thing! Glad I’m not the only heartless person out there. I just kept yelling at the TV, “Go to a wedding you morons! Watch your children’s births!” I still don’t understand what is so heartwarming about a bunch of guys loaded enough and with great enough jobs that they can take vacation every single year to go to the Super Bowl. It pisses me off.

CHRIS PUMMER: Rich, poor, humanitarian or no, everyone’s got a hobby. When Visa pitched the suggestion that everyone’s hobby should be pouring money into NFL coffers, it was probably one of the few times nobody blinked at approving use of the league’s name.

Though on second thought, at least a couple owners are probably bitching that Visa isn’t paying the league enough for use of the name Super Bowl.

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