CT-Senate Roundup


HOWARD MEGDAL: With the news of Senator Joe Lieberman’s retirement, it is time for Democrats to dream. Sure, Chris Murphy looks to be the early leader. But a Senate seat with Ted Kennedy Jr., Keith Olbermann or even Alec Baldwin would feel like karmic payback for the nonsense liberals put up with from Joe Lieberman lo these past few decades.

Lieberman received credit for helping shepherd a repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell through the Senate, but considering that he always supported this repeal, why was this so newsworthy? Oh, that’s right, because he had a history off supporting something (say, Medicare buy-in at 55), only to oppose it at a critical time in the legislative process. In other words, this is like Lucy choosing for once to let Charlie Brown kick the football-then promptly earning a trip to the Pro Bowl.

But with Lieberman out, Connecticut as blue as the Gulf of Mexico should be, and the only real GOP challenger appearing to be the ludicrously-flawed Linda McMahon, liberals can dream. And if the dream truly shall never die, who better to keep it alive than Ted Kennedy Jr.? The epitaphs about the Kennedy role in public life were written way too early, if you ask me, between young Teddy and a certain Joe Kennedy III giving this speech in Massachusetts. (Look out, Scott Brown!)

And what about the newly-unemployed Keith Olbermann? Or Alec Baldwin, whose politically problematic tapes are pretty much neutralized by past recordings of Ms. McMahon’s?

None of these choices seem impossible, now that we are well into The Al Franken Decade, U.S. Senate edition. A Franken for the East Coast seems more than just possible- the prospect seems overdue.

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