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Pan Am: Week 6 in Review

SONIA BRAND-FISHER: When Maggie is telling her story to the angry Laura about how she rose from being just a bookworm waitress to being a Pan Am stewardess, she declares about her position that “This time there is nothing better, this is it.” I have officially reached the point in ABC’s “Pan Am” where I am beginning to feel the same way. It doesn’t seem that this show, that had the potential to be something really interesting, has even left the runway. The banal script and increasingly irritating characters are leaving me groaning at each commercial break. The worst thing that this show could have done at this point in the season was feature its most insipid character, Maggie, in telling her long, drawn-out, cliched sob-story of a past to the viewers. I see no diamond in the rough, but I see a whole hell of a lot of rough.

JESSICA BADER: I, too, find Maggie to be incredibly grating, so an episode focused on her was frequently unbearable. Whether it’s the way the character is written or Christina Ricci’s portrayal, something about Ms. Ryan just sets my teeth on edge. Continue reading

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Modern Family: Week 5 in Review

KIP MOONEY: Misdirection. It’s a form of comedy that, if done well, puts you in an elite group with the Marx Brothers, Mel Brooks, and the ZAZ team. While I don’t know if I’d necessarily call tonight’s episode “time capsule comedy,” it certainly used misdirection at series-best level. When it’s all said and done, this is probably going to be one of the top 10 episodes ever produced.

Agree here with Kip- excellent use of guest stars (though poor Jennifer Tilly has not aged well.)
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