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SNL: Anna Faris/Drake

ZOË RICE: Armisen’s Bloomberg remains more enjoyable than most of what he’s done this season or last, and the press conference was a smart way to address Occupy Wall Street. I appreciated the New York-inside-joke references to salt and cigarettes, and I wonder – do we have noted Red Sox fan Seth Meyers to thank for the A-Rod joke? A series of hits with no misses – just what you want from the open.

HOWARD MEGDAL: Armisen absolutely embodies Bloomberg’s patient condescension. Really well done here. Here’s an example of SNL capturing the zeitgeist far better than The Daily Show, whose only response to Occupy Wall Street was a guy defecating on a police car. Continue reading

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More Vital Skill: Making Coffee vs. Using Excel

EMILY SAIDEL: A good night’s sleep can usually balance the need for coffee. But the ability to mail merge or to perform a regression. Priceless.

HOWARD MEGDAL: I take strong exception to the idea that Excel skills are more important than knowing how to make coffee. Continue reading

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Modern Family: Week 4 in Review

KIP MOONEY: Last year, it took a long time for me to warm up to the Haley-and-Alex team-up, but once it reached its resolution, I realized what the writers were doing, and saw that it was a great way to…

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JD Samson: Poor Like Us!

JD Samson: I Love My Job, But it Made Me Poorer

CHRIS PUMMER: I’m not going to defend the lack of self awareness Samson shows here. But I would also hold back scorn for her current life situation.

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: I took issue with a few things in this piece, which were mainly echoed in the comments it received. Namely, it’s hard to argue that Le Tigre is not a very successful band by many standards. Being part of a successful band that was arguably able to bring in lots of money from concert ticket sales, albums and merchandising, and then blowing that money by living beyond your means, does not make you sympathetic to me.

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SNL: Ben Stiller/Foster the People

ZOË RICE: Timely, relevant, and funny. All good things! The most amusing bit comes early with Pedrad’s jab at Romney’s popularity, but SNL was right to include Moynihan’s Chris Christie. A strong open.

Love how this actually foreshadowed the Christie endorsement of Romney. And if we get a President Romney, Jason Sudeikis is very good- much better than Armisen’s Obama.
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Wally Backman’s Future

MIKE SILVA: Since the end of the 2011 season the Mets have extended Terry Collins another year to 2013, and announced an overhaul of their coaching staff. The latter didn’t include Binghamton manager Wally Backman, who many speculate will be offered the Triple-A job in Buffalo now that Tim Teufel has been promoted to coach third base in New York. What does the future hold for Backman? With the Mets I am unsure, but inevitably it will lead to a big league managerial job.

CHRIS PUMMER: If Backman were sidelined that long because of his troubled history, a coaching job in another organization might be available. But I doubt he’ll get the call for a high-profile major league managerial job.
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Pan Am: Week 2 in Review

SONIA BRAND-FISHER: This week’s episode of ABC’s “Pan Am” maintained the fluffy intrigue and glamorous blue and white bliss of the show’s pilot episode. I can feel the addiction beginning to form to the runaway bride subplot that Laura perpetuates, as well as the empathetic Collette’s escapades with the people who charm her. Though I feel the need to not break my rule this early in the game, the wrinkle-nosed, wide-eyed breathy perceptiveness of Kate is reminding me of Peggy Olson’s over-eagerness in Season One of “Mad Men.” But just pretend I didn’t say that. Also, is it just me, or did Laura’s hair get significantly lighter since last week’s episode? I could do with a little less peroxide on her part; I was enjoying the Lauren Bacall gold next to Kate’s strawberry blond, but what can you do? Continue reading

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Modern Family: Week 3

KIP MOONEY: Last week I mentioned Modern Family was veering into the absurd, and tonight’s episode proves it’s headed that way and I couldn’t be happier.

HOWARD MEGDAL: Briefly: Kip is right about the level of absurdity. But what I think made it work so well for both of us is that none of the absurdity felt forced. Continue reading

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SNL: Melissa McCarthy/Lady Antebellum

ZOË RICE: But see, Melissa McCarthy’s so likeable. She was so sweet on Jimmy Fallon, all super excited to be hosting SNL, and then there was the sincerity of her Emmy Award speech. Not to mention how tender her character in Bridesmaids turned out to be. Who doesn’t root for Melissa McCarthy? I do dig that we got to see the Bridesmaids girls together again. And McCarthy looked lovely there with Kristen Wiig. I just wish the dancing thing hadn’t been one long, drawn-out, single gag.

HOWARD MEGDAL: I am baffled by not only the recurrence of this skit, but why it so often leads the show. Really? This is how you show people you are capturing the zeitgeist? With Lawrence Welk and the same joke as always? Continue reading

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Review: Moneyball

JESSICA BADER: A film adaptation of a book is never going to be perfect, and fodder for nitpickers is nearly guaranteed. While Moneyball is no exception, the movie does a better job than most at capturing the spirit of the book it was based on. Continue reading

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