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Bert And Ernie: Marriage Material?

AKIE BERMISS: My position on same-sex marriage has — I’m proud to say — been the same for over 20 years. Even an eight year-old armed with basic 2nd Grade logic can tell you that if marriage is a taken alone as a state of legality of two persons AND that if two persons of the same gender being together isn’t illegal THAT same-sex marriage is a no-brainer as far as legality goes. Sure, there are some messy issues where religious faiths are concerned but, even being brought up Baptist I never understood why faithful people have so little strength of character that they feel people doing things differently from them is an assault on their beliefs. I never felt that two men getting married in my country was somehow a denigration of the institution of marriage. After all, marriage is not simply a matter of religious belief, but also legal status. Some people go in for both. Some do not. And there can be no question, to my mind, in a country founded on liberty and intellectual freedom (among other things) as to whether or not same-sex marriage should be legal. And, as such, I agree that it is quite possibly the defining civil rights legacy of the current era.

That said, there are times when even an honest and noble platform can be taken too far.

HOWARD MEGDAL: Like a set of parents determined to inflict a chocolate fountain on helpless guests, those who share my view that same-sex marriage should be the law of the land have nevertheless gone too far by proposing that Bert and Ernie marry. I feel this way not because I oppose their union, or because I think it is silly for puppets to marry.

I object because no one has asked them if they even want to. Continue reading

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Carlos Zambrano’s Legacy

HOWARD MEGDAL: If this is how it ends for Carlos Zambrano, I hope the focus won’t be on his contract. There was too much to like about him as a ballplayer.

CHRIS PUMMER: Finished or not, Zambrano’s best days have long been over. That means it’s quite likely his legacy as lunatic is cemented. Continue reading

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The Week in 2012

HOWARD MEGDAL: Writing this as I watch the GOP debate, I’m struck by this thought as Rick Perry prepares to enter- and shake up- this race: are we so sure that Mitt Romney is going to be the best performer against President Obama?

CHRIS PUMMER: Romney still has the advantage, with his head start in organizing and fundraising, a primary calendar that still favors him, and despite his visible faults, the strongest track record of accomplishment and is the weakest fit for the extremist strait jacket Obama will try to squeeze onto his eventual foe. Continue reading

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Premier League Preview

MIKE CUMMINGS: It should be business as usual in the Premier League this season, but “usual” has changed slightly over the past few years. Where there used to be dominance from the Big Four, now it’s the “Sky Six.” Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool should all be near the top of the table, but Spurs and Manchester City have also positioned themselves as perennial contenders. One thing is still for sure, though: Manchester United is the team to beat.

KAREN PATEL: The Community Shield is the appetiser to the new EPL season and it seems, based on the result, that Manchester United have carried on where they left off. Despite some new faces to bed in (notably Ashley Young, and possibly Wesley Sneijder) and some players nearing retirement, United’s will to win is still very much there and unless there is some huge injury crisis, they will be challenging for the title once again this season.

AIDAN KELLY: Team most likely to win … Manchester United, silly. Despite rarely exhibiting the swagger of champions last season, and looking very ordinary on occasion (the 3-1 defeat to Liverpool and 2-1 loss to Wolves in 2011 spring to mind), they still managed to notch up a record 19th league title with nine points to spare, thanks in the main to Arsenal’s springtime self-destruction.
Continue reading

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USA/Mexico in Review

MIKE CUMMINGS: The United States’ 1-1 draw with Mexico on Wednesday night served as a successful debut for new US coach Jurgen Klinsmann. Sure, the US fell behind early, again; the defense at times showed a few weaknesses, again; and we failed to beat Mexico, again. But several positive emerged from the match — enough to have reason to think Klinsmann’s reign will be a good one.

HOWARD MEGDAL: I generally agree with Mike on his takes, though I’d like to discuss some particulars where I differ. Continue reading

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Review: Friends With Benefits

Jessica Bader: From the moment I first saw a preview of Friends With Benefits, I knew I had to see it (which is saying a lot – I can usually count my annual trips to the movie theater on one hand). It seemed different from all of the other rom-coms, with at least as much focus on the comedy as the romance and protagonists who talked and behaved like real people. Friends With Benefits didn’t just meet the high expectations I had – it surpassed them. Continue reading

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Wisconsin Recall Results

HOWARD MEGDAL: It is easy to think of Tuesday night’s results in Wisconsin as a disappointment for Democrats-thanks largely to the high expectations the party gave itself. But seeing a pair of Republicans who’d won both in 2008 and 2010 should serve a warning to the pundits scrambling to call President Obama a one-term president.
The country is turning on the Republicans in a huge way.

JESSICA BADER: Flipping a third seat would not have rolled back the legislative attack on collective bargaining, and not flipping that seat does not mean that the recall effort was a failure for Democrats and organized labor. If Tuesday night was a baseball game, there are still more innings left to play. Continue reading

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Curb Your Enthusiasm: Week 5 in Review

SONIA BRAND-FISHER: And Larry David is New York bound! The rumors are true, Wikipedia didn’t lie (for once), and the cast of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” is heading East for Season 8! I couldn’t be happier to see Larry with his notorious Pinkberry tagging along with Jeff and Susie as they put their daughter, Sammy, in a high school for the arts. The unbridled optimism of not only Jeff and Susie for Sammy’s theatrical career, but also of Larry riding shotgun to their trip looking for a change in scenery is a beautiful image of the blind leading the blind. Getting back to “Seinfeld” terrain might be good for Larry to get his bearings again after Cheryl. He certainly seems like he belongs in New York more than he ever did in LA. Will this feel natural? Will it be a huge mistake?

HOWARD MEGDAL: I, for one, welcome the merger of Mad Men and Curb Your Enthusiasm. I predict future episodes where Larry chides Bert Cooper for not wearing shoes, Betty Draper for driving on his lawn and Rachel Menken for charging too much at her department store. (Yes, I’ve been watching Season One again.) Continue reading

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Trading For Ubaldo

HOWARD MEGDAL: You can argue whether the Indians gave up too much for Ubaldo Jimenez. But it is inarguable that Cleveland’s contention has nothing to do with making it worthwhile to trade for Ubaldo Jimenez. That’s a piece any team should add if given the chance, regardless of their place in the success cycle.

CHRIS PUMMER: This is just a senseless gamble the Indians didn’t need to make. Continue reading

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Single-sex education vs. Double-sex education

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: When I heard the news that Raleigh’s Peace College was going co-ed after 150 years of being for women only, I was disheartened. And I was further disheartened when I could find no one else who felt the same way I did about the move.

JESSICA BADER: I’m one of those people Molly was talking about, the type who are uncomfortable with the idea of single-sex education. I’m a big believer that a very important part of the school experience is preparing students for what they’ll face once they graduate, and unless your post-graduation plans involve a monastery, you will have to deal with people of the opposite sex in your workplace and in other areas of your life. Continue reading

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