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Florida Bill: Doctors, Questions and Guns

DANI ALEXIS RYSKAMP: The Florida Legislature recently passed, and Florida’s governor is likely to sign, a bill that prevents pediatricians from asking their patients’ parents if they have guns in the house. Pediatricians say that they’re only trying…

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Music and Messages

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: The other day on my way to work I found myself listening—and I mean really listening—to the lyrics of Katy Perry’s newest hit single, “E.T”.

EMILY SAIDEL: Katy Perry’s hit song “E.T.” (featuring Kanye West) has been in the top 10 of Billboard’s Hot 100 chart for 14 weeks. While there is a lot to be said about the lyrics–sexually fetishing “the other”, a female voice asking to be a victim–I am far more fascinated by the music video, particularly when contrasted with Britney Spears’ “Till the World Ends.” Both pop stars are dealing in apocalyptic/post-apocalyptic visual images, potentially weighty images for dance songs in difficult economic times. However, each deftly avoids delving into the consequences of the destruction of civilization by concentrating on sexuality. Continue reading

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Fox’s Cancellation Spree

JESSICA BADER: Over the years, I’ve grown all too used to falling in love with TV shows that last for one season or less. I still think of Bradley Cooper as the sexy TA on Jack and Bobby, I’m still bitter that Reunion was pulled off the air before the mystery at its center could be solved, and New Amsterdam is still at the top of my list when it comes to shows that never got the time needed to live up to the promise of their concept. You’d think I would be used to having the programs I’ve grown attached to ripped out from under me. Yet the utter bloodbath that went down at Fox this past week stunned even me. Continue reading

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In Briefs: Now Hitting for Sheen, Kutcher

HOWARD MEGDAL: Predictions for the Ashton Kutcher version of Two and a Half Men?

AKIE BERMISS: Kutcher?! It’s a good thing I don’t watch that show or I’d be SO angry right now.

Does anyone like…

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SNL: Ed Helms/Paul Simon

ZOË RICE: A much better Bin Laden spoof than last week – unfortunately just too late.

HOWARD MEGDAL: Don’t even agree. I’ve made this point before- SNL spoofs work when they take something from the zeitgeist and blow it up. Well, Obama’s actually made a point of not touting the killing of Osama bin Laden. So all SNL did here is blow up a false GOP talking point. Contrast it with the treatment of Al Gore during the 2000 debates to get a sense of what I mean. That was perfect. Continue reading

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In Briefs: Prom Denied

(Editor’s note: Since our discussion, justice prevailed, and James Tate is now allowed to go to prom.)

HOWARD MEGDAL: Let’s be clear: school administrators are disproportionately likely to be reprehensible people.

CHRIS PUMMER: There is a…

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The Romney’s Speech

CHRIS PUMMER: If you missed Mitt Romney’s speech last week clarifying his position on the health care reforms passed while he was governor of Massachusetts, you weren’t alone. You were actually part of the vast majority that shrugged at this…

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In Briefs: The Half-Life of TV Shows

CHRIS PUMMER: I very much try to judge a show before watching it. Because I don’t have time to waste on something that seems likely to be a pile of crap.

In this, the golden age of TV watching with…

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Phil Jackson: Career in Review

MIKE SILVA: Last week, NBA analyst Steve Kerr told Chris Russo of “Mad Dog Radio” that Phil Jackson’s strength was more motivational than “X’s” and “O’s.” Throughout his coaching tenure he would find ways to get into his players, opponents,…

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State of Olympia Snowe

ALLISON REILLY: Upon reading further details about the accusations Scott D’Amboise is making against Olympia Snowe, I think that Snowe merely needs to remain firm and she should have no problem getting the seat in 2012. Continue reading

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