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MLB Previews: Cardinals, Rays, Rangers, Blue Jays, Nationals

The Rangers look like the best in the AL West by a slender margin. The Cardinals are close enough that they could win the NL Central. The Rays and Jays are taking different approaches, while the Nationals are bad. Very bad. Continue reading

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Britney Spears’ New Album

AKIE BERMISS: Last week, AOL put Britney Spears’ entire new album, Femme Fatale (which came out yesterday), on their site for free streaming. The entire record, from start to finish. Every track. It was… illuminating. Now if you’re like me, you probably spend most days of the year forgetting that Britney Spears even exists. She is so beyond relevance and meaning that it seems inconceivable that she is still making music.

JESSICA BADER: When it comes to music, I have a major weakness for the sort of teenybopper pop that was popular when I was in middle school. All of those bright, shiny odes to love lost, found, or unrequited, performed by conventionally attractive people in their late teens and early 20s, produced by Swedish masterminds, still take up residence on my iPod today, running me the risk of total humiliation and never being taken seriously again should that device fall into the wrong hands. Britney Spears was one of the biggest stars of that moment, her second and third albums in particular overflowing with sublime pop gems that I enjoy just as much at 24 as I did at 15. Her latest work, however, does not live up to that peak. Continue reading

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In Briefs: Terrible Music Video

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: 13 year old’s “Worst Song Ever” gets 29 million YouTube hits. I
know I keep threatening to move to the moon….and I will continue to do so as long as there are statistics like these on Earth.

Seriously. It’s like Akie said. Nothing truly good can rise to the top when we’re all too busy critiquing a teenager’s use of Autotune in a song about waiting for the school bus. Continue reading

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Bruce Pearl

HOWARD MEGDAL: The fall of Bruce Pearl has two components to it, and their combination will make it difficult for him to resurrect his career.

CHRIS PUMMER: If Pearl wants to work again, he will. And you might even be surprised at how far he hasn’t fallen in the coaching world. Continue reading

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MLB Previews: Phillies, Pirates, Padres, Giants, Mariners

The Phillies and Giants look like repeat division winners, while the Pirates and Mariners look like they’ll continue their runs as bottom-feeders. The Padres aren’t likely to catch lightning in a bottle again. Continue reading

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MLB Previews: Brewers, Twins, Mets, Yankees, A’s

The Mets are a disaster, while the Brewers might have put together their best team of the decade. The Yankees have the resources to answer whatever questions they begin the season with, while the A’s haven’t been able to fill their biggest void. The Twins keep doing what they’ve always done, but is it enough to win yet again? Continue reading

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Modern Family: Season 2, Episode 18

KIP MOONEY: As season two draws to a close (we only have two episodes left to review–my how time flies), I think this week’s episode will be my favorite. It’s not necessarily the funniest (that would be “Halloween”) or the most humane (“Two Monkeys and a Panda”), but managed to pull off a rare feat–having its characters grow.

HOWARD MEGDAL: Agreed, and what Modern Family consistently does is take the situations that have been distorted beyond the point of humor by lesser sitcoms and infuse reality into them. Not that it is a snapshot of real life or anything, but it does provide the actual fears and motivations that drive people within their comic situations. Continue reading

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Review: The Blizzard, Issue Zero

AIDAN KELLY: The Blizzard, a quarterly digital soccer publication, hopes to “break the shackles” of mainstream media constraints by offering more in-depth pieces on a wide spectrum of subjects – and for a price of our choosing.

MIKE CUMMINGS: There’s something in this first issue of the Blizzard that speaks to me on a personal level. Sure, it’s big and bulky, it kinda sorta looks like it was thrown together in a single all-nighter by a sophomore graphic design major, and it’s not at all accessible to casual fans. But the whole DIY approach — that is, all the bigness and bulkiness and non-accessibility — scream out “damn The Man” in a way I can’t recall ever seeing in sports media. Continue reading

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MLB Previews: Marlins, Royals, Astros, Angels, Dodgers

The status quo rules in Florida, Kansas City and Houston. Everyone in Los Angeles will be keeping their fingers crossed. Continue reading

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MLB Previews: White Sox, Reds, Indians, Rockies, Tigers

Chicago White Sox
Last Year: 88-74, 2nd in AL Central
CHRIS PUMMER: The White Sox say they’re going “all-in” this season, complete with a corresponding bump in payroll. Setting aside the question of why the team hasn’t been leveraging its…

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