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What’s Mike Bloomberg Up To?

HOWARD MEGDAL: I believe it is asking the wrong question to wonder if Mike Bloomberg is planning to run for president in 2008, 2012, or any specific year. But that doesn’t mean he isn’t looking to maintain a national profile with an eye on running- should the right circumstances come along.

JESSICA BADER: Perhaps at some point Bloomberg was seriously considering a run for the presidency, but various events over the past couple of years seem to have thrown cold water on the possibility of success in such an undertaking. Continue reading

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In Briefs: Undergraduate Education

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: People go to school and take out enormous loans, banking on having a high-paying job in the future, and then the gamble doesn’t pay off. It seems like education has always been thought of as something that will pay for itself and will never go down in value (like houses), but we’re seeing some ugly scenarios that say otherwise.

CHRIS PUMMER: If I had graduated high school in 2008 instead of 1998, I might not have been able to afford college. And from a pure what-I-learned-for-what-I-paid, I might not be worse off for it. Continue reading

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Super Bowl Ticket Fiasco

KRYSTEN OLIPHANT: I would really like to know who actually takes over during the Super Bowl, who runs the show, before I make any major criticisms. Continue reading

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Christopher Lee and Craigslist

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: I had several levels of reaction to the Christopher Lee story, they went a little something like this:

JESSICA BADER: The most shocking aspect of the Christopher Lee scandal is how quickly the Republican Congressman resigned due to the public revelation of such a miniscule offense. It’s enough to make you wonder if Lee has done things a bit more serious than sending a shirtless photo of himself to a woman on Craigslist while fibbing about his age, occupation and marital status.

Continue reading

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SNL: Russell Brand/Chris Brown

ZOË RICE: Jason Sudeikis is great, but impressions are just not his forte. This open dragged and elicited few laughs. Armisen’s expressions (“What the f…”) and the pop culture quiz provided the only respite.

True- they really didn’t have a great O’Reilly. He got the intellectual basics down, but didn’t inhabit him. Continue reading

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In Briefs: The Death of Hulu?

AKIE BERMISS: Oh HULU, we hardly knew ye. I can’t believe it’s all doom and gloom now for Web TV. Is this really the deal, or just some BS hype from the broadcast companies as they try to force people back to the old medium? Actually, I intend to cancel my cable subscription and see how well I can live on internet access alone.

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: Re: living on internet access alone, it SO can be done. At least, if you have a Netflix account, and particularly if you have a streaming Netflix account through Xbox Live. Basically you pay around $15 a month for Netflix, and $50 a year for Xbox live, and you’re golden. Continue reading

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In Briefs: Shooting Illegal Immigrants Rhetoric

JESSICA BADER: When attempting to clarify an offensive statement, the clarification should not be worse than the statement that needed clarifying in the first place. Oof.

JEFF MORROW: See, I was naive enough to expect the explanation…

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Carmelo and the Knicks

JASON CLINKSCALES: The Carmelo Anthony talk has annoyed some, but that’s because they see some similarities to the LeBron James hype and eventual departure to Miami. However, there are very few commonalities between the two. Anthony has said very little compared to James and here wasn’t nearly the frothing at the mouth or silly customized jerseys for the Denver Nuggets forward as for the former Cleveland Cavalier.

AKIE BERMISS: I was born under a star-crossed sign! Mercury was in retrograde! I was cursed by an evil warlock for the heroic deeds of my father! Well, it was something like that at least, because all my life I’ve been Knicks fan. And that can mean only one thing: constant, inexorable suffering. When we had Patrick Ewing back in the 90s, we spent every spring being the foil for the likes of Michael Jordan and Reggie Miller. No matter how cohesive the team was, how stifling the defense, or how triumphant the 4th-quarter comebacks were, we always wound up losing. Missing out. Just barely getting a whiff of what it would be like to be champions. And every time, we fell short. Fast forward to 2011: we’re having a pretty good year, Amar’e Stoudemire has brought up back from the brink of utter Isaiah-Thomas-ness (our name for Perdition), and all-in-all things are starting to look up. Then, there came word that Carmelo Anthony was strongly considering playing for New York. Continue reading

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In Briefs: The Grammys

AKIE BERMISS: I feel like the red carpet evinces a pretty acute lack of glamorousness. It just looks like people arriving for a high class wedding. Of course, the heavy hitters are not come in just yet…

Ah… i take it back. Nicki Minaj went with the high fashion burnt cigarette-cheetah look. That’s pretty glamorous..

JESSICA BADER: And of course there was Gaga in her egg (no, really). Continue reading

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Review: Mr. Sunshine

HOWARD MEGDAL: Despite some clear problems with the writing of the lead character, Mr. Sunshine has the chance to be a worthy addition to the ABC lineup- no small task on the same night as Modern Family.

AKIE BERMISS:Like Howard, my problem with Mr. Sunshine was not the premise, but the execution. It may not seem like it now, but I predict that when historians look back on this period of television, it will be considered the era of the great writers. And what Mr. Sunshine is lacking in is precisely that: good writing. Continue reading

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