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Review: Chicago Code

JESSICA BADER: I’m generally not a fan of the typical police procedural, with its alphabet-soup title, interchangeable cast, and soundstage sets that are supposed to be some gritty urban locale. When The Chicago Code premiered three weeks ago, I only watched the first episode on a whim, my interest piqued because the show was the brainchild of Shawn Ryan, who had been the executive producer of Lie To Me. I’m glad I did, because I immediately found myself hooked on a cop show that’s anything but typical. Continue reading

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Modern Family: Episode 16

KIP MOONEY: “Nothing this week was particularly original, especially Phil not knowing what set Claire off during their epic fight. And the writer(s) didn’t even find a fresh way to spin all those clichés, but when it’s this funny, there’s not too much to complain about.”

HOWARD MEGDAL: Agree with Kip that this was a more pedestrian effort from Modern Family. Continue reading

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Cultural Influence of Gender

ZOË RICE: Despite being a Manhattan-based woman with a full social calendar, I am not an “ista.” I enjoy clothes, but I am not a fashionista. I like a bargain, but I’m not a frugalista. And I have some style,…

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Should Oliver Perez get a chance to start?

CHRIS PUMMER: No. That should have been the short and direct answer the Mets gave Oliver Perez with the lefty with hefty paychecks and reluctance to accept coaching when he said he wanted to again be considered for the team’s rotation. Continue reading

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Justin Bieber’s America

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: The leaked portions of a Rolling Stone Interview with Justin Bieber in which he discusses politics and healthcare has only confirmed what I’ve suspected for a long time now—when it comes to magazine interviews, we’ve got everything backwards.

JESSICA BADER: Molly makes a valid point about the media fixation with what famous people think about issues outside of their area of expertise. That being said, I was more than a little bothered by the criticism of Rolling Stone for asking a teenage celebrity for his opinion on hot-button political issues. Continue reading

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Board Games Revamped

JESSICA BADER: What do we think of this revamping of Monopoly?

MATTHEW DAVID BROZIK: And what do we think of the fact that “competitive Monopoly player and coach” is something that somebody does? Don’t we need more teachers and doctors? Continue reading

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Never Miss A Super Bowl Club Commercials

HOWARD MEGDAL: These commercials about the Never Miss A Super Bowl Club irritated me to the point that when I read this, my first reaction was, “Guess he will now!” Don’t think that speaks well of me.

MIKE CUMMINGS: I, too, was irritated by those ads. Couldn’t he have done something more constructive and humanitarian with his time and money? And did he deserve to have a commercial in which to brag about it? I’m sure he was a good husband and father, but, gah. Continue reading

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NASCAR 10 years after Dale Earnhardt Sr.

CHRIS PUMMER: Of course the NASCAR season began Sunday with its signature event, the Daytona 500. Besides the fact that a rookie racer won it this year, there’s been significance attached because it was at Daytona where Dale Earnhardt Sr. was killed 10 years ago. I’ve been reading about how a lot of people attribute the dip in NASCAR’s popularity and profitability outside of the general economic downturn to the void Earnhardt’s death left among the ranks of NASCAR’s stars.

Was he really such a transcendent figure for the sports? I don’t know that I buy this argument. Continue reading

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Modern Family: Season 2, Episode 15

KIP MOONEY: “[T]onight was like watching a comedic symphony, with old characters popping up and new characters adding just the right touches to an already fine ensemble.”

HOWARD MEGDAL: Kip is absolutely right, but I’d like to deconstruct a bit more of the why understated works so well for this show. Continue reading

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Worst Holiday to Be Single

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: I’ll never forget the year I had an awful break-up right before Arbor Day, of all days. What horrible memories. Everywhere around me on Arbor Day I was forced to listen to couples in love. “Which trees do you like, honey? I like oak trees. Let’s make out, yay Arbor Day!”

DANI ALEXIS RYSKAMP: ‘Tis true that being single on Arbor Day sucks. But it can’t hold a candle (cliche-pun-wordle-thingy intended) to being single on Christmas. Continue reading

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