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Racist Cupcakes

ZOË RICE: I’m stuck on the how. How does this ad make it past ad execs, cupcake execs, glaze execs, focus groups, and people with eyes without anyone saying “Hang on just one sec…” Basically Duncan Hines is saying “Here’s some minstrel flavored cupcakes. Only now we’re calling them hip hop. Enjoy!” Somewhere Aunt Jemima is shaking her kerchiefed head and murmuring, “Now that’s some racism.”

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: I would like to second Zoe’s observations, and to add only that I particularly didn’t appreciate that the plain, unfrosted “vanilla” cupcake had no sense of musicality until it was turned, by the use of chocolate glaze, and auto-tune, into a hip-hopping “chocolate” cupcake. Continue reading

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In Briefs: Monogamy/Are All Swingers Creepy?

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: I have to say I find arguments that monogamy is no longer really viable in modern society to be compelling.

JEFF MORROW: What always struck me as problematic, though, is that I often see the whole monogamy-is-unnatural thing advanced in non-heteronormative forums, and it always makes me feel like people should know better.

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In Briefs: Terrible Nicholas Cage Movies

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: Is anyone else kind of sad about the plethora of terrible movies that Nicholas Cage has been in for the last 20 years or so?
Nicholas Cage. What is WRONG with you? Do we need to…

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Marriage, Divorce and Culture

NAVA BRAHE: I’m a firm believer that the average Joe and Jane wants to emulate the glitterati; even when it comes to marriage and divorce. Today, we can follow every move our favorite celebrities make. Between Twitter,, TMZ, Perez Hilton and the millions of other celeb-stalker sites, there isn’t anything we think we don’t know about them. We can even try on their hair, their makeup, their clothes…Oh, and get married AND divorced like they do. Continue reading

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Romney and Michigan

DANI ALEXIS RYSKAMP: According to Public Policy Polling’s, um, polling, Mitt Romney is tied in the popular opinion with Mike Huckabee here in Michigan – and that news is I disagree. That result isn’t so much troubling as it is totally expected.

HOWARD MEGDAL: Mitt Romney’s Michigan primary victory in 2008 only strengthened the nonsense idea that his ties to the state mean anything going into 2012. Continue reading

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SNL in Review: Jeff Bridges/Eminem

HOWARD MEGDAL: This had some amusing moments, though it bought into the stereotypes about the politicians instead of anything biting about the politics, which limits the payoff. Good, not great.

ZOË RICE: I really enjoyed this. Perhaps it was the expressions of the politicians as their dream headlines hovered overhead, or perhaps I just found the headlines themselves giggle-worthy, but the cold open brought joy to my world. Continue reading

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Joe Lieberman: Hero?

JESSICA BADER: At this time last year, when the legislative grudge match du jour in the Senate was health care reform, the mere mention of Joe Lieberman’s name was enough to make me tense up and start muttering under my breath. What a difference a year makes. In the waning days of the 111th Congress, another key liberal goal left simmering from the last time Democrats controlled both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue was finally realized, and on this Lieberman was not a speedbump but a driving force. As odd and disconcerting as it feels, today Joe Lieberman is a progressive hero.

Like Jessica, I think Joe Lieberman should be commended for his work in bringing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell repeal in for a safe Senate landing. But let’s not get hysterical here: when Patty Murray, head of the DSCC, sits down with Lieberman, it should be to let him know the Democrats will be supporting someone else in Connecticut’s 2012 Senate election. Continue reading

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NFL Week 15 in Review

Chargers 34, 49ers 7
: The Chargers (8-6) lost control of the AFC West race two weeks ago with a bad loss to Oakland. Or with their poor season start, you pick. They’re going to need help from someone…

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In Briefs: Congressional Schedule Disrespecting Christmas?


I would like to argue that by extending holiday shopping all the way back to the day after Halloween, Christmas is actually disrespecting the work schedule of the U.S. Senate.

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: WHEN are Christians FINALLY going to get a break?!! Jeez! Continue reading

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Manchester United vs. Arsenal in Review

MIKE CUMMINGS: American sports lend themselves so easily to nicknames. That’s why a few years back, when Robert Horry developed a penchant for hitting game-winning shots in the NBA playoffs, he earned the nickname “Big Shot Bob.” So what we have here is a dilemma. What do you call Ji-Sung Park after his latest clutch performance for Fergie and ManU against Arsenal? Continue reading

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