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NFL Week 12 In Review


Falcons 20, Packers 17
: While it seems to me like more focus was being given to the Bears-Eagles matchup, I think this is the game that pitted the two best teams in the…

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Modern Family: Week 10 in Review

KIP MOONEY:: This was yet another standout episode for Ty Burrell, who should win Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy at the Emmys next year. Who else would so proudly wear what is clearly a girl’s zippered hoodie and not think a thing about it, but then put his Blackberry in his mouth mid-conversation to throw it away once he actually sees a girl wearing it?

HOWARD MEGDAL: Agree with Kip: each of the storylines worked this week.

To me, Phil’s relationship with Dylan has always been a strong one, and exploring it further only mined it for comedy gold. Also, the silent ditching of the sweater was perfectly executed. Continue reading

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Waiting For Health Care

DANI ALEXIS RYSKAMP: Freshman GOP Rep. Andy Harris (R-MD) put his foot in his mouth the other day by insisting to know why he had to wait 28 days for his health benefits to kick in. But give the guy a break: not only did he lodge his foot in his mouth, but now he has to wait four weeks for his podiatrist to dig it out.

HOWARD MEGDAL: When the liberal media bias nonsense is perpetrated, I often think about stories like these, and how little we hear about them. I guess the theory goes that when a story like this is buried, but Park51 turns into a month-long conversation about whether Muslims=terrorists, that’s just the liberal media covering its tracks? Continue reading

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Trashiest Thanksgiving Dish

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: Can we have a contest for trashiest Thanksgiving side dish? I will win. Canned Yams with marshmellows on them, IN YOUR FACE.

AKIE BERMISS: I don’t think i can beat that! however, we are trying to have an aabaraki (my band) thanksgiving on St. Barths this coming Sunday… and there’s not much American food to choose from. I may have something truly grotesque.

DANI ALEXIS RYSKAMP: IT IS ON. Aspic: leftovers embedded in unflavored Jell-O. TAKE THAT.
Continue reading

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The Palin Kids

DANI ALEXIS RYSKAMP: In case you missed the latest Teen Drama You’re Not Allowed to Avoid, it is this: Willow Palin, 16-year-old daughter of Sarah Palin, got into a Facebook argument that included homophobic slurs, fat jokes, and curse words. Dear Palin Household, I have two questions: one, did you have the conversation with your kids about “don’t say stuff that might make Mom (or Bristol) look bad”? And two, if you did, did you remember to include “homophobic things” under “stuff”?

AKIE BERMISS: Basically, I agree with Dani. When I was young, I know we used homophobic epithets for everything. That’s just growing up in Brooklyn and talking slang and being ignorant and insensitive (and also a childless clueless reflection of adult society’s context clues). But when I got a little older — that is, when all my friends hit puberty — and some of them started to “come out” AND remain part of the circle of friends… well, then I started to think more about my language. Also, I knew, no matter what kind of slang or profanity I was saying, that my parents would not approve of such things as were meant to subjugate an entire group of people to generalized negativity. Alas, I’ve gone to far inside, perhaps. I’m sure the Palins are VERY different parents than mine were. Why even the poorly disguised disdain for community organizers and educators runs totally opposite from my upbringing under a father who was, basically, a community organizer and a mother who was, to her very core personally and professionally, an educator. Continue reading

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SNL Anne Hathaway/Florence and the Machine


ZOË RICE: I have finally enjoyed something from Abby Elliott: her Rachel Maddow impression. Wiig tickled with her Pelosi expressions–it’s in the eyes.  Kenan was a bit meh, but you know… and Hader should have been a…

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Essays For Hire

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: Although I have found myself suffering through some pretty staggering assignments in high school and college (ask me about my junior year term paper on Russian Futurist poets, or the ten page paper I wrote freshman year of college about Anna Karenina’s hair), it has never occurred to me to outsource my labor writing papers by paying someone else to write them. Continue reading

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NFL Week 11 in Review

Packers 31, Vikings 3
Coaches are hired to be fired, and in the case of Brad Childress, his day of reckoning has been in the making for a while now.

Almost two seasons, to be exact, and the deal was sealed once the Vikings brought Brett Favre on board to try to paper over what had been a big hole at the quarterback position since Daunte Culpepper was hurt midway through the 2005 season. Or before then if you think Culpepper’s poor play up to that injury was him falling off a cliff, the torn knee ligaments just making it official.

ALEX PREWITT: Peace out, Brad Childress. It’s about time. That is all. Continue reading

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Drinking And Family Gatherings

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: True or false: Drinking was invented immediately after family gatherings were invented.

AKIE BERMISS: Isn’t drinking how babies get made in the first place? Have I been doing it wrong all these years? Continue reading

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Christmas Spectacular Nostalgia

NAVA BRAHE: When you’re a Jewish kid living in New York City, you can’t avoid Christmas. It’s as in-your-face as another person’s halitosis on a jam-packed rush hour subway train. The Radio City Christmas Spectacular is as iconic to a New York Christmas as the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and Black Friday. I’m not saying the Jewish population just melts into the woodwork until after New Years Day; our enjoyment of the season remains clandestine, but make no mistake – we do have fun with it.

JESSICA BADER: Coming from a family of secular New York City Jews, my relationship with Christmas has always been a bit complicated. From an early age, I was acutely aware of the fact that most of the people around me held different beliefs and celebrated different holidays than I did. My parents (especially my mother), while not really religious, took holidays quite seriously as a time for family togetherness and celebration and lots and lots of food. Christmas wasn’t our holiday, but it was one of the few days a year that brought our nonstop city to something resembling a halt, so we had no choice but to accommodate it. Continue reading

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