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American League Central Division Preview

Last Year’s Final Standings
Kansas City Continue reading

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Diamondbacks And Offense: Hit or Miss?

CHRIS PUMMER: While I can understand how a person can be bullish on the Diamondbacks’ offense this season, consider me a bear in this market.

HOWARD MEGDAL: This simply comes down to a question of how well Arizona’s roster, filled with hitters who had down seasons in 2009, will rebound. I am bullish on nearly all of them. Continue reading

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The Merits of Pears

CHRIS PUMMER: I don’t want to offend anyone, but I think pears are one of the shittiest fruits that are widely available at the supermarket. They suck and I don’t like eating them.

The skin usually feels gritty against your…

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Bulk Buying And The Soft Drink / Spirits Generation Gap

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: The other day I was shopping at Costco and I noticed that they have their own brand of beer. This made me wince waaay more than finding out that Trader Joes had their own store brew. I like…

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Perpetual Post AL East Preview

STEPHON JOHNSON: While I tire of the “American League is better than the National League” talk, there’s no denying how good the American League East is.

EMMA SPAN: The 2010 AL East race in a nutshell: Continue reading

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Lazy Food

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: Time-saving has become the mantra of modern American society. We want things now, we want them to be easier, we want to be able to finish doing them quicker so we can move on to more things that can be quickly and easily done.

EMILY SAIDEL: Before I argue for or against lazy food, I would ask for a change of terminology as lazy already connotes a derisive attitude. Let me instead call these pre-sliced, pre-diced, pre-cubed fruits and vegetables convenience foods. Even more specifically, convenience produce, because the article Molly points to is not discussing frozen dinners or prepackaged mixes. Continue reading

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President Happy?

AKIE BERMISS: Here’s a question for you: Is the President happy? Is he a happy fellow? Does he smile enough? Is he quick to kid, easy with his laugh, light and bright and delightful? I don’t know, honestly I haven’t thought about it. I mean, he seems like a pretty nice guy. He’s certainly capable to delivering a well-timed comedic barb. Still, its just not the first thing that springs to mind when I think: President Obama.

And according to Fred Hiatt of The Washington Post — it should be.

HOWARD MEGDAL: It is hard to know which part of Fred Hiatt’s analysis is most ridiculous. Is it the “tough political time” when Obama is the most popular officeholder in Washington by far? That he would rather sustain himself with the love of family than the adoration of strangers on the campaign trail or meetings with foreign leaders? Or the fact that Hiatt diagnosed this problem just before President Obama passed Health Care Reform through both houses of Congress- for, let’s not forget, the second time. Continue reading

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Perpetual Post NL West Preview

Last Year’s Finish
Los Angeles Dodgers
Colorado Rockies
San Francisco Giants
San Diego Padres
Arizona Diamondbacks. Continue reading

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Lost: Week 8

ZOË RICE: If this were not the last season of Lost, I would have been happy with this week’s episode. Because really, amidst questions about Jacob and the Man in Black and Richard and how things get done and why things get done…mostly, what we got was a character-driven love story and another exploration of a “man of faith.” But unfortunately, I missed the “aha” moment I was expecting from the long-awaited Richard ep.

TED BERG: I’m with you, Zoe, in the “left wanting” department. And put me down for left wanting a better, more carefully scripted backstory for one of Lost’s most intriguing characters, Richard Alpert, too. Continue reading

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Obama and Fox News

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: Obama’s interview on Fox news had me wondering whether his intention might have been recapture some of the magic that he worked so well during his visit to the GOP retreat in January. Unfortunately, Fox pit the President against Bret Baier, an awkward, oddly youthful-looking reporter who resembled a cranky sixth-grader on school picture day.

HOWARD MEGDAL: Maybe it doesn’t matter. Maybe the President ought to go on Fox News every once in a while, just to show he cares.

But we live in a world where 67 percent of Republicans think Barack Obama is a socialist, 57 percent think he is Muslim, 38 percent see him with an agenda like Hitler’s, and 24 percent – 24 percent! think he may be the antichrist. So while that doesn’t all come from Fox News, legitimizing their “news organization” at all seems like a huge mistake to me. Continue reading

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