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Curtis Joseph

JASON CLINKSCALES: As a slightly-above-casual puckhead, my knowledge of the now-retired Curtis Joseph is limited to a few highlight saves, youthful postseason highs and age-accelerating postseason lows. Joseph’s name doesn’t sing to the uninitiated like Patrick Roy or Martin Brodeur since there wasn’t flair to his style and he didn’t stick with one franchise for the duration of his career. In fact, he was the NHL’s version of Mark Jackson, a steady hand on some bad teams, yet for the elite teams, he fell short of the ultimate prize.

CHRIS PUMMER: After etching his name into the record books, if not the Stanley Cup, Joseph should eventually make it to the Hall of Fame. Continue reading

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MA-Sen: What Happened, and What Now?

HOWARD MEGDAL: You’re going to hear, over and over, for the next ten months, that Barack Obama had something to do with Martha Coakley’s shocking loss to Scott Brown in the race to succeed Ted Kennedy Tuesday night.
Don’t you believe it.

JESSICA BADER: I’m sure that at least some pundits will (if they haven’t done so already) remark on the “irony” that Ted Kennedy’s death may have indirectly taken his most cherished cause to the grave with him. As long as the freakout among Congressional Democrats can be contained, those pundits will be proven wrong.

CHRIS PUMMER: If House Democrats muster the votes to pass the Senate version of the healthcare bill — which is looking like the only way it will happen now — then Coakley’s loss isn’t as devastating in practice as it appears to be optically right now. Continue reading

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Ben Harper

AKIE BERMISS: I think that in all honesty, the music speaks for itself. And the music is pretty horrible. Its not out-and-out bad, its not unprofessionally recorded or performed — its just mediocre. And I have a real serious personal problem with celebrating mediocrity.

STEPHON JOHNSON: Yes, it’s immature and we’ve all fallen victim to it, but seeing this kid wearing the band’s t-shirt immediately trained me to dislike Ben Harper based strictly on the type of people his music attracts.

DAVE TOMAR: Superficial, sensitive and stupid, Ben Harper is the musical equivalent of Ben Affleck. Continue reading

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SNL: Sigourney Weaver/The Ting Tings

HOWARD MEGDAL: A bit meandering, but just fantastic Larry King and Jay Leno impressions by Fred Armisen and Darrell Hammond, respectively. Surprised Letterman was so one-dimensional.

ZOË RICE: Sigourney Weaver looked gorgeous and elegant, unlike her hilarious 1986 self. Who knew her father was president of NBC? The monologue was rather an odd mish-mash, but Weaver is likeable enough that it doesn’t much matter.

STEVE MURPHY: It always amazes me when solid actors can’t do their thing live. Weaver looked nervous, awkward and unsettled, and her lack of jokes really didn’t help very much. It was essentially two pictures of her and a memo. Plus a joke about peeing. Continue reading

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Chris Johnson: 2,000 Yards

JASON CLINKSCALES: Chris Johnson is the best player in the NFL today. Now, whether you believe this to be true or not depends on which teams the national media shoves down your throat any given Sunday. What you should believe to be absolute truth is that at season’s end, the country should have watched history happen before our eyes.

Six men have reached the seemingly unreachable, yet unfairly, Johnson received the least attention for it.

CHRIS PUMMER: Jason is right, Chris Johnson should be getting more attention for being just the sixth player to ever reach the 2,000 yard plateau. But he’s not, and I blame Jamal Lewis. Continue reading

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Bigger Snub: Alomar or Blyleven?

HOWARD MEGDAL: There were many people on the 2010 Hall of Fame ballot I think belong in the HOF. Barry Larkin should be an easy one, with a 116 OPS+ and terrific defense at shortstop. Alan Trammell for similar reasons. Tim Raines for a long career that only pales in comparison to Rickey Henderson. And as Rich Lederer has taught us, Bert Blyleven is a Hall of Famer as well.

None of these oversights were as egrigious as Roberto Alomar, perhaps a top-five second baseman all-time. He’s a Hall of Famer with room to spare.

DAVE TOMAR:only Nolan Ryan ranks above Blyleven in strikeouts, wins and shutouts. I’ll state this again so it sinks in that this guy only has two years of HOF eligibility left. Only Nolan Ryan, who was inducted with a 98.79% vote in his first year of eligibility, has more wins, strikeouts and shutouts than Bert Blyleven. Continue reading

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On The Pill

AKIE BERMISS: As a male, my interaction with “the pill” (in its various forms) is always at least one-degree removed.  Much though I may be invested in someone I’m with and whether or not they are “on the pill”, I…

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Electronic Cigarettes

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: Electronic cigarette, you are so clearly not actually burning. You are not a real cigarette. Stop trying to be unobtrusive and realistic looking.

HOWARD MEGDAL: While I am against the electronic cigarettes Molly mentions above, let me be clear: I am even more wholeheartedly against what I though e-cigarettes were prior to researching this article, which is paying of real money for virtual cigarettes, either in jpg form or smoked in some kind of Second Life/The Sims kind of way.

AKIE BERMISS: I smoke cigars. I have a habit. Some would call it a bad habit. In fact, everybody calls it a bad habit. And I don’t mind. I don’t go down to the bar and slap the sugary cocktails out of their mouths and they don’t come to my house (while I’m watching Glee) and knock the cigar out of mine. To each their own, I say. We all have our vices: smoking, drinking, television, pornography. Not horrible things that ruin the lives of those around like (like, say, a fetish for public indoor urinating) but the things we love to enjoy in the privacy of our private places. Vices are usually bad or bad for you, or considered bad form. Fair enough. As well they should be. Continue reading

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Dating Site Discourse

EMILY SAIDEL: should be congratulated for setting a standard, as inconsistent as it may be with different members having different concepts of beauty, and sticking to it, rather than choosing the politically correct option of quietly ignoring the complaints.

ZOË RICE: The whole point of niche marketing is that for a given product, you know what the audience is. On my facebook sidebar alone I see ads every day to “Meet Christian Men,” “Find Black Singles,” “Marry A Millionaire,” “Meet Your Big and Beautiful Match,” “Wed Jewish.” So if a site that seeks to offer nothing more than “beautiful people” decides you are no longer beautiful…well, you should have known what niche you were getting into to begin with, no?

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: Personally, I think that a lot of what I find attractive in other people, I put there myself. It’s not necessarily there to begin with.

AKIE BERMISS: I don’t know much about internet dating. Or how its really any significantly better than just the luck-of-the-draw that most of us utilize when picking a mate. But I do know one thing: the internet is a skeevy place — and you’d best be very wary when crossing technology and matters of the heart. For while technology allows the better angels of our humanity to flower and proliferate without deference to distance — it allows the same freedom for our worst demons. Yes, while the internet certainly helps us to donate money toward aid in Haiti, it also makes it easier to buy harvest organs on the black market (hypothetically…) It is the same internet which — in 2008 — helped to elect President Obama, that — in 2009, provided his right-wing detractors with the ability to hobble health care reform and climate control efforts. Continue reading

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JILLIAN LOVEJOY LOWERY: I’m pretty. I mean, I think I’m pretty. People who aren’t my parents have told me that, unprompted. But am I beautiful? Beautiful enough for

TED BERG: As a beautiful person, I am thrilled that there is finally an Internet dating service that caters to my specific, beautiful needs. Granted, I’m happily married, but it’s great to know there’s now a giant safety net out there for those of us who couldn’t bear the idea of electronically mingling with the unwashed masses. Continue reading

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