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Holiday Parties

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: As most of us know, what happens at the office holiday party, stays at the office holiday party.

AKIE BERMISS: Off the bat: I am the opposite of Molly. I don’t like parties. At all. I don’t like parties, or parades, or fairs, or rallies. I get supremely uncomfortable when I jammed up in a place with a couple hundred or so people and we’re supposed to be having a good time. For a good time, I like to sit at home, drink with my cats, and watch Columbo. If that’s what a holiday party entailed — I’d be at every holiday party I can get my hands on. Continue reading

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Toomey Or Not Toomey

CHRIS PUMMER: While Pennsylvanians have strong strains of conservatism, they are overall moderate and pragmatic. Patt Toomey appears to be neither of those thing, preferring instead to brand himself as an extreme conservative ideologue.

Chris’s analysis of Pennsylvania is spot-on. But that is merely the playing field, and other dynamics point to Pat Toomey having a far better shot than he typically would- in 2010, Toomey may indeed have a friend in Pennsylvania. Continue reading

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Taylor Swift: Entertainer of the Year? Really?

CHRIS PUMMER: Bland with a backstory is the only thing that the old forms of big media are hocking these days. Probably because with so many folks tuning out, it’s the only thing left with a bankable profit margin. And that’s why Entertainer of the Year probably doesn’t mean what it did five years ago. For sure not what it did 10 or 20 years ago, when breaking through on TV and the pop charts meant you really reached everybody.

STEPHON JOHNSON: Taylor Swift winning AP Entertainer of the Year? There’s an app for that. It’s called Kanye West Continue reading

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MOLLY SCHOEMANN: Monogamy is unrealistic! People need variety! Life is like a sexy salad bar. We get sick of hard boiled eggs after awhile—we want to try carrots.

AKIE BERMISS: Gentlemen, it is a fine cause to take up the argument against monogamy. I understand, I dig it, I commiserate: I’m with you. But, also, I don’t really think there’s much of an argument there. Well, I think its important that I state, out front, that I am a one-woman man. That is, I’ve never really gone in for polygamy. As a matter of personal taste. I can hardly keep up with one person in a romantic or sexual context, let alone several. Continue reading

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The Health Care Victory

JESSICA BADER: Prominent Democrats and Republicans alike are already saying that GOP Congressional candidates will campaign on repealing healthcare reform legislation. It doesn’t surprise me that Democrats would want to campaign on something they can deliver (preventing something that isn’t likely to happen). It shocks me, however, that Republicans would be so eager to play along, to promise their base something they probably can’t deliver so soon after placing a losing bet on their ability to stop a healthcare reform bill from passing.

CHRIS PUMMER: It remains to be seen how much steam conservatives bring with them to the voting booth in 2010 and 2012. Continue reading

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Baseball HOF Ballot


No Perpetual Post authors will be filling out an actual Hall of Fame ballot, but here is what they think of the candidates up for enshrinement in 2010:

CHRIS PUMMER: Let me just say to start…

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Going Rogue

AKIE BERMISS: For me, Going Rogue was easily the most anticipated book of the year. Why? Because the book, like its subject, is a game changer. After reading it, I’m not yet sure if it classified as an auto-biography, historical fiction, or just a YA follow-up to Jack London’s Call Of The Wild. I can this for certain, however: I enjoyed the hell out of this book.

And you can too!

HOWARD MEGDAL: I just couldn’t do it. I couldn’t get to read Going Rogue. Continue reading

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The New Planet/International Star Registry

ZOË RICE: GJ 1214b, or “super-Earth.” That’s what they’re calling our newest possible sister planet, located a few dozen light years down the cosmic road. As a long-time sci-fi and Discovery Channel enthusiast, I can’t help but be excited about the discovery. GJ 1214b–or Soggy, as I’ll call it here, despite not having registered the name with any sham authority, hits a good deal of the qualifications for nurturing life: not too close or far from its sun, an atmosphere of helium and hydrogen, and the likely presence of water. The question I like to muse upon is, But what kind of life?

MATTHEW DAVID BROZIK: Not for nothing, but this super-Earth isn’t the first to be discovered. It’s actually the thirty-first. In any event, even after it is officially named, no doubt every inhabitant of regular-Earth will be able to name it again under the aegis of the International Star Registry. (Or, rather, its wholly-owned subsidiary International Super-Earth Registry.) Continue reading

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Shiny Suds

ZOË RICE: I get it, I do. When you wash your tub with chemicals, the residue hangs around to taunt you! You should buy organic cleanser! I rationally understand that’s the message of this commercial. But that’s not what I walk away with. Instead, I think “Creepy! Look away or be violated!”

HOWARD MEGDAL: Zoë and I disagree on two points relating to this commercial. For one thing, I think the ad is funny. For another, I think the ad isn’t just targeted at women.

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: I support any commercial in which scrubbing bubbles are depicted as the gross, sexually frustrated sudsy cartoon characters they clearly are. I’ve always been kind of weirded out by them. It’s good to have that feeling vindicated. Continue reading

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Twitter Parenting

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: Hey, Twitter ‘community’: How can you ask each other, ‘What are you doing right now?’ but not want to know when the answer is ‘mourning my dead child’? I mean, if it’s in 140 characters or less, what’s the problem?
Continue reading

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