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The Fall Season: Bored to Death

TED BERG: It’s not that I didn’t like the idea of Bored to Death. Just look at the premise: A regular dude — a writer, no less — becomes a private detective out of boredom, hoping to live more like the heroes of Dashiell Hammett and Raymond Chandler.

HOWARD MEGDAL: As someone who tends to agree with Ted on television shows, and had a similar appreciation for Andy Barker, P.I., I am surprised that Ted and I part company on this one. I thought the pilot was extremely good for a pilot, and am excited that this show is on television. Continue reading

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The Fall Season: Curb Your Enthusiasm

AKIE BERMISS: Big things, big things! I’m expecting really great stuff from this seventh season of Curb Your Enthusiasm. There’s been a lot buzz around this season with guest spots for the four main Seinfeld actors and the return of “the Blacks.” But I have to say I didn’t think they’d really have the audacity to pick up where they’d left off. With David and Cheryl split up and Larry having made Loretta Black (Vivica A. Fox) his girlfriend while having her extended family living with them in Larry’s house. And yet, they did!

HOWARD MEGDAL: I don’t disagree with a thing Akie said. Some additional points I’d like to make, however: the show was turned up, volume-wise, in this episode. It was like Larry and company knows we missed it all, and tried to make up for it all at once. Continue reading

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Sunday Morning Obama in Review

AKIE BERMISS: I grew up with the Sunday politics programs. During my formative years I remember Sundays being devoted almost exclusively to: Church, Meet The Press, and the Sunday New York Times. And occasionally, homework. But in a house with two parents, two older brothers, and a younger sister all with differing points of views and specialties, there was no finer tradition than the Sunday afternoon current-events melee. Of late David Gregory’s tenure as the anchor for Meet the Press has brought the show down to some of its lowest moments in my short life. Where once rigor and argumentation and vigorous interviewing were the standard, now the show is mostly vapid rehashing of old news and interviews that seem to hone in on the most insignificant frivolities of politics. Continue reading

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The Fall Season: Community

HOWARD MEGDAL: Wow. “Community” made me actively dislike it for a variety of reasons. And that really shouldn’t be- I’m the target audience.

TED BERG: There’s not much to say about the series premiere of Community beyond that it wasn’t very funny.

ZOË RICE: Alas, I did not enjoy watching Community. In fact, the show was rather painful. Main character Jeff–a lying lawyer who lies–has not one redeeming quality. He’s not even a lovable curmudgeon, a la House. He’s just kinda a douche. Continue reading

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The Fall Season: The Office

HOWARD MEGDAL: Now in it’s sixth season, the American version of The Office appears ready to resume it’s tendency toward formula. However, it is a formula that works. We don’t stop making the polio vaccine because “it’s been done.”

ZOË RICE: I enjoy The Office 90% of the time. When the show is at its best, I find myself rewinding the DVR to catch a dry Jim one-liner or that look he gives the camera. I love how Pam reacts to him with a pleased, impish smile, or how she dead-pan responds to Michael’s buffoonery. Dwight just plain cracks me up (in Thursday night’s episode, what did it was his simply shouting “Don’t vaccinate it!” off-camera when Jim revealed Pam’s pregnancy). And I confess I am a huge fan of Kelly Kapoor and her hilarious mix of sassy diva and insecure crazy. Continue reading

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The Fall Season: Bones

JESSICA BADER: I approached the premiere of the fifth season of Bones with both excitement and trepidation. Excitement because one of my favorite shows was back, and trepidation because Bones had lost its way a bit as season four came to an end. Continue reading

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The Fall Season: Vampire Diaries

ZOË RICE: So far, there is one reason to watch The Vampire Diaries: Good Vampire Brother vs. Bad Vampire Brother. Because here’s the thing–it’s not like one is blond and wears white, and the other’s brunette and wears black. They’re both dark! They slink around in matching tight black t-shirts, dark jeans, leather jackets, and brooding expressions. The difference is, Stefan wants to pose as a Mystic Falls high school student. And Damon wants to tear out people’s throats.

EMILY SAIDEL: While watching The Vampire Diaries, I kept wondering, “Where’s the band geek?” After all, in the scavenger hunt of high school dramas, I’ve already found the ethnic best friend, the perky blond who feels secretly inferior, the rude and arrogant ladies’ man, and the troubled brother and sister who take separate emo paths. And the only-eats-rodents-late-20s vampire who thinks he passes for a high school student. The jock in touch with his feelings seems to be the twist of the season between Matt Donovan on Diaries and Finn Hudson on Glee. Continue reading

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The Fall Season: Glee

ZOË RICE: Hang on. An hour long musical comedy…with a message? A show about glee club geeks who say things like “We’re gonna win because we’re different. And that’s what makes us special”? No, no. That sounds way too Disney; I would not watch that. That is, if it were any other show. But this is Glee.

EMILY SAIDEL: Glee makes me nervous…Glee also delights me. Continue reading

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Regarding Patriotism

TED BERG: The other protesters didn’t seem to like it when I showed up on the National Mall on Sept. 12 in a tinfoil hat and an American-flag cape, but how else was I supposed to protect myself from the government’s powerful mind-control lasers while letting the world know about how Barack Obama gave my baby Klinefelter’s Syndrome? Continue reading

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Atheist Pet Care and Rapture-Readiness

JILLIAN LOVEJOY LOWERY: I’m sorry, there’s no way Jesus will refuse to rapture my African Grey Parrot.

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: Apparently, none of the sinners who will remain on earth awaiting judgment after the Rapture actually want my business. And if they do, they’d better hurry. PayPal doesn’t work from Heaven. Continue reading

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