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Is Google Making Us Dumber?

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: I know that at this point I’ve spent months of my life playing around on the internet. Maybe even years. YEARS spent staring at a glowing screen and scrolling through photos of celebrities clambering out of limos.

HOWARD MEGDAL: Molly inexplicably values “playing with the dog, or making a quiche, or calling my grandmother just to say hi” over searching for information on Google. Continue reading

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Santorum 2012?

CHRIS PUMMER: While Rick Santorum’s high-wattage crazy might attract a few moths, it’s doubtful to attract a huge segment of the GOP base when brighter political lights like Mike Huckabee, Sarah Palin or even Sam Brownback wait for conservatives to swarm to them.

HOWARD MEGDAL: Where I think those skeptical of Rick Santorum’s chances of being a factor go wrong is when they point to two groups within the current Republican Party. While one group is fixated on the extreme elements of what make up the GOP, a far larger, rational group understands that Sarah Palin/Rick Santorum politics is the quickest way to a massive electoral defeat.

The problem is, that group doesn’t come close to composing a majority within the Republican Party.
Continue reading

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Worst Summer Films Ever?

TED BERG: Look: I like A.O. Scott. His review of 300 remains one of the funniest things I’ve ever read in print, and I pretty frequently agree with his assessments of current films.

But his recent article, “Spoon-fed at the Cineplex”, is at best frustrating and at worst infuriating. In it, Scott argues that movie studios, in the face of the declining economy, have grown too cautious and are making only vapid popcorn flicks sure to sell toys and fill theaters but unable to challenge us intellectually.

HOWARD MEGDAL: While I don’t disagree with what Ted said, for me the A.O. Scott piece was perplexing because of what seems to be an ever-increasing array of independent film options. Continue reading

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District 9

JILLIAN LOVEJOY LOWERY: Going into District 9, I expected to be either absolutely blown away or terribly disappointed.  I’m snooty about the science fiction that I like, and I have never been partial to aliens.  As a long-time Peter Jackson…

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Health Care: Televised Death Panels/Get Between Me and My Doctor!

HOWARD MEGDAL: Sarah Palin is to be congratulated for coming up with the idea of Death Panels. While many within her party are content to be the Party of No, and many on the Democratic side unclear about how to pay for health care, Palin’s revolutionary Death Panels are not only the most cost-effective way to pay for universal health care- they’re likely to be the television event of the century, every single week.

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: Remember the good old days, when you didn’t need a ‘referral’ to pick up a ‘prescription’ at the local CVS? When the cure for myriad ills was no further than a trip to the root cellar or the apothecary for some tooth powder or a jar of leeches? Trust me; those were the best of times. If anyone from that era were still alive today, we might learn a thing or two from them. Continue reading

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Michael Vick: Time Served/Conundrum for Eagles Fan

STEPHON JOHNSON: Yes, Michael Vick is back. Yes, he did something terrible and repulsive. Guess what? He served his time. It’s over now. Hide your dogs and let’s play football.

DAVE TOMAR: Vick deserves outrage for taking the opportunity once given to him and exploiting his considerable wealth and resource to engage in a cruel, inhumane, illegal and morally reprehensible criminal conspiracy. The whole ‘everybody deserves a second chance’ line is bullshit code for ‘we think this guy can still make some money for us.’ NFL teams are not required to exercise ethical judgment but I am. Continue reading

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Heroes: Heroic?

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: If I’m ever put on six months of bed rest, I will seek the abyss that will at that point be thirty seasons of Lost. This summer I was in the mood for much lighter fare. Heroes it was!

AKIE BERMISS: Can anybody out there save me from the torture that is heroes? I know its bad for me. I know its bad for humanity. But I can’t stop watching! Why? Wherefore this morbid fascination with such bald mediocrity? Its worse that reality television. With reality television its real people wasting their lives on television while the rest of us watch and laugh and shake our heads. Heroes is real actors THROWING their careers away while we all watch wonder: how did it get this bad? Continue reading

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MLB Non-Waiver Trade Deadline: 7/31 or 8/31?

ZOË RICE: At some point, the team you’ve played with a good part of the season should be the team you go with into September. Moving the non-waiver trade deadline to August 31st would be terribly unfair–to teams, to players, and to fans.

CHRIS PUMMER:Move the non-waiver trade deadline to Aug. 31 or just shut down all trades after July 31. Continue reading

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Two Views of John Hughes

ZOË RICE: John Hughes just got it right. He knew what it’s like when your parents so don’t understand you and how it feels to like that boy who’s so much more popular. He knew the dangers of negotiating your side of the tracks and theirs, and how something fleetingly wonderful–or perhaps if we’re lucky, more meaningfully lasting–can happen when you’re forced to spend time with kids outside your own clique. He even knew the aching feeling of wanting really good boobs. He somehow knew it all better than any of us did ourselves, even as we were all going through it.

CHRIS PUMMER: John Hughes looms as perhaps the first and greatest cultural figure to rehabilitate the image of American suburbs as the place where culture and artistry go to die. Continue reading

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More to Love

JEFF MORROW: More to Love inevitably reminds me of an old joke from Fiddler on the Roof. To paraphrase: May God bless and keep the overweight . . . far away from us.

EMILY SAIDEL: More to Love‘s gimmicky premise adds even less to love about the dating show genre. Continue reading

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