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NCAA Tournament: Final Four Discussion

HOWARD MEGDAL: So the question seems to be going around- is this the worst tournament ever?

STEVE KORNACKI: I really was buying into the whole “it’s the Big East’s year!” line of thinking….until I watched Michigan State smother the life out of poor, hapless Louisville on Sunday. Continue reading

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Women in Pro Sports: Pipe Dream OR Inevitable

HOWARD MEGDAL: It is only a matter of time until women break through into men’s professional sports.

LUCAS O’NEILL: But not anytime soon, I’m sorry to say.

Continue reading

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Two Appraisals of Rick Wagoner’s GM Tenure

HOWARD MEGDAL: Rick Wagoner managed to fail in both short-term and long-term success-a remarkable feat, really.

DAVE TOMAR: Holy Crap. Guy in Hummer just swerved into my lane, popped up on curb, drove over girl scout troop. Driver didn’t even spill a drop of coffee. Talk about suspension. Wagoner’s innovations will be missed. Continue reading

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Facebook: Nuisance or Delicacy?

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: Facebook, You’re Killing Me Here

AKIE BERMISS: Face-to-Face; Um…Can We Just Be Friends? Continue reading

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That’s So Gay: A Linguistic Discussion

JEFF MORROW: So, It Turns Out “Gay” Refers to Gay People

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: Not That There’s Anything Wrong With That Continue reading

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Perpetual Post Reactions to Obama News Conference


  • One thing I noticed in Obama’s opening remarks was the emphasis on the need for many ideas and plans to get the country back on track. Given that Mitch McConnell’s latest strategy seems to be arguing

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Online News: Free OR Pay Model (updated 4/1 at 11:16 P.M.)

STEVE MURPHY: Newspapers need to adjust to a new, modern business model that leverages their large audience and brand name to find new sources of revenue.
CHRIS PUMMER: Online advertising revenue has fallen short of creating newspaper utopia, now the freeloaders have to pony up. Continue reading

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Print New York Times: Necessity OR Relic?

EMILY SAIDEL: Paper Beats Rock

JEFF ELDRIDGE: The New York Times website is so good that it might be backfiring against the paper. Continue reading

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Stem Cells: Layabouts OR Job Threats

HOWARD MEGDAL: It’s about time lazy stem cells starting pulling their own weight.

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: Stemming the Tide of Stem Cells…Get It? Continue reading

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NCAA Tournament: Sweet 16 Discussion

HOWARD MEGDAL: The tournament, thus far, has been in many ways what I expected, and disappointing in some aspects as well. Continue reading

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