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Some tough questions about Joe Torre’s New Book

LISA SWAN: Since my review copy of Joe Torre and Tom Verducci’s “The Yankee Years” book appears to have gotten lost in the mail, I haven’t yet gotten to read the 512-page tome. But co-author Verducci told Sports

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Drinking and Writing: Hemingway Had It Right/Just Say No

I got your summary right here.

TED BERG: Ever heard of Geoff Chaucer? He’s the father of English literature, and when he was named poet laureate*, he requested his stipend be a gallon of brandy a day.

And since…

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Rudy Giuliani: New York’s GOP Hope/Dead Pol Walking

While Rudy Giuliani’s differences with the national GOP on social issues helped sink him in the presidential primaries, they also make him a serious challenger against a vulnerable David Paterson in the 2010 gubernatorial election.


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Lost: Lost is awesome/Lost is frustrating, but awesome

Lost is awesome, but why?

TED BERG: Lost is awesome. So awesome, in fact, that it sits with Pink Floyd’s The Wall in the rare strata of cultural products that manage to achieve mass appeal almost in spite of…

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The Big East Is Too Damn Big/These Are the Glory Days for Big East

The Big East is stronger than it’s ever been, but expanding to 16 teams has ruined what was once a very special thing.

STEVE KORNACKI: The best way to understand my irrational-seeming disgust with what’s become of the Big East…

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Reality TV Smackdown: American Idol/So You Think You Can Dance

American Idol is more than just a reality show-it allows us to live the American dream vicariously.

JESSICA BADER: My television viewing habits could be seen as one big contradiction. The vast majority of my favorite shows

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Brett Favre: First-Ballot Hall of Famer/The Ben Stiller of Quarterbacks

Brett Favre isn’t close to the quarterback that his reputation says he is.


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A Tale of Two Patches: Yankee Glory/Mets Revenge

The Yankee patch befits a champion: the Mets patch needs a bailout.

Lisa Swan: Squawker Jon, as we witnessed this free agent season, we’re used to my Yankees being willing to spend whatever it takes in order to compete, while…

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Please Stop Sending Me Pictures of Your Baby/People Need to Know I’m Having Sex

HOWARD MEGDAL: Please stop sending me pictures of your baby.

Why are you sending me pictures of your baby? It certainly isn’t for my benefit.

Let’s start by looking at what pictures are worth viewing. The soldier kissing that lady…

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Alan Trammell: Fringe Candidate/Hall of Famer

DAVE TOMAR: Today, the baseball Hall Of Fame elected Rickey Henderson and Jim Rice as the Class 2009 . The former a first-ballot shoe-in and the latter in his last year of eligibility, they make a fitting class together. Left-fielders both, they are simultaneously the first from the position to enter the Hall in 20 years. Falling somewhere down toward the bottom of voting this year was Alan Trammell, a man who commandeered his team for two decades from another position oft-overlooked position. [MORE]

HOWARD MEGDAL: The question isn’t whether or not Alan Trammell is a Hall of Famer. The question is, just how many shortstops already in the Hall of Fame have a better case? The answer is: not many. [MORE] Continue reading

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