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Biden to Bed: Hello, Joe!/Examine Me, Dr. Jill!

Today, I embark upon my very own campaign. Today, I officially throw my thong in the ring to become Jill Biden v 2.0.


While President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden are hard at work bringing…

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Obama’s Speech: I Believe in Non-Believers/God Isn’t Going Anywhere

Barack Obama’s use of the word “non-believers” in his speech was progress.

JEFF MORROW: Thank God for Obama’s inclusion of “non-believers” in his list of Americans.

Like many others, I spent last Tuesday surviving the cold, the inaccessibility of bathrooms,…

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Texting: The New Intimacy/Breakdown in Society

(To the tune of “There’s Nothing Like a Dame”): There’s nothing like a text! Nothing in the world.

HOWARD MEGDAL: With the advent of text messaging, all other human communication can be described as superfluous at best and at worst,…

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Dullards, dimwits, and dementia: Why 3-D isn’t cool yet

That droplet of blood you see hurdling freely from the screen is not an apt metaphor for the technology that produced it. The plasma and platelets progressed from deep…

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Auto-Tune: Part of the Artist’s Toolbox/No Cher, I Don’t Believe

Different forms of vocal and instrumental manipulation have been used for decades in pop music and the feigned outrage over Auto-Tune comes from a lack of historical perspective.

STEPHON JOHNSON: Certain songs make you think of certain times in popular…

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Obama’s Speech: Wilsonian Ambitions/Status Quo with Respect to Foreign Affairs


Barack Obama’s inaugural address was businesslike and serious, mostly free of the grandiose oratory that became his hallmark during the 2008 campaign.  But tucked in the speech was a potentially sweeping realignment of American foreign policy, one that…

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WBC: Highlighting Baseball’s Best/Putting Baseball’s Best at Risk

The WBC can make baseball a truly global game.

STEPHON JOHNSON: As the World Baseball Classic attempts to make our pastime truly global, MLB organizations’ reluctance to send players stunts the sport’s growth.

Let’s be honest with ourselves. Baseball,…

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Adam Dunn: Undervalued by Teams/Overvalued by Stat-Savvy fans

Adam Dunn is the bargain no team should ignore.

HOWARD MEGDAL: When I saw this piece in The Washington Post (okay, saw it in citing The Washington Post), I understood that the phrase…

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Flobots: Good/Not good

Flobots are good


As someone who enjoyed his formative years during the Clinton administration and now resides in Brooklyn, I’m contractually obligated to dislike anything that is at all earnest. That said, I think I kind of like…

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Andy Reid: The New Bill Cowher/Secretly, a Walrus

STEVE KORNACKI: Andy Reid can’t win big games. We know this, supposedly, because he’s now coached in five NFC title games and lost four of them, and he also lost in his only Super Bowl appearance.

Of course, there’s another…

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