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Modern Family: Season 4, Episode 8 — “Mistery Date”

Technical difficulties kept this from going out earlier, but here’s your weekly recap of Modern Family.

Sometimes, it’s just too easy. The stories on this week’s Modern Family have all been done to death. Yet, they still delivered bountiful laughs.…

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CNN Reimagined

AKIE BERMISS: I’ve recently adopted a new coping mechanism for all the terrible news programs out there.  I now categorized my news sources in three basic groups.  There is the “What Is Happening” category – which is purely informative.  No…

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Presidential Debate Moderators

AKIE BERMISS: Presidential election years are the World Cup of American politics.  For many people who don’t follow politics 75% of the time, it is the only year in which they really care about who is doing what.  Its when…

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by Cindy Hill

Stupid remarks by public officials — or anyone, really — are an extremely useful and important segment of public discourse. Why? They let you know what’s really going on in their heads.

A few years ago, when…

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Jungle Primaries

Cindy Hill

Despite an obsessive deification of partisan elections, the U.S. has spawned some odd variations thereof. Some of these, like the ‘jungle primary’ or nonpartisan blanket primary have taken off despite the absurd incongruities they produce. Others, like Instant…

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Obama and Marriage Equality

Cindy Hill: President Barack Obama finally gave up his poorly-veiled attempt to avoid saying something definitive on the issue of marriage equality, and declared that “personally” he thinks same gender couples should be able to get married. A few days…

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Gun Control and Democrats

// CINDY HILL: Now that individual firearms ownership, at least for the limited purpose of personal protection in the home, has been recognized by the U.S. Supreme Court as a Constitutional right, will Democrats come out of the gun cabinet…

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Trayvon Martin Thoughts


AKIE BERMISS: By now the Trayvon Martin movement has become something of a mainstream story.  I doubt there is an American who watches the news that doesn’t yet know all about the Florida shooting of…

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Racist Email

CINDY HILL:  Privacy is the most fragile of any of the rights enjoyed in America today. No right of privacy is found in the U.S. Constitution–it is a ‘penumbral right’ created by federal judges who pieced together the glimmer of…

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The Future of Netflix: Secure?

AKIE BERMISS: Netflix getting knocked off the throne of online streaming? I don’t think so. Take it from a guy who knows! I haven’t had a television for over a year. Any kind of home-viewing of movies or television shows is done from my computers. As such, I have Netflix *and* Amazon Prime. I rent movies from iTunes at least once a week. And recently, I’ve even begun thinking about getting a HULU+ membership. From all that, I can tell you one thing for certain: when it comes to streaming Netflix does it best, makes it the most available, and has the best potential for growth.

HOWARD MEGDAL But Blockbuster is precisely the comparison here. Netflix was first; that won’t give it a permanent stranglehold on the market. The question, at a certain point, will become: who do you trust to do it in a more customer-friendly way? The company that gave us the Quikster debacle? Or the company that has already laid waste to traditional publishing? Continue reading

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