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Jay-Z: New Album and Music’s Michael Jordan

STEPHON JOHNSON: Jay-Z will always get significant attention whenever he releases an album. Whether you like him or not, that attention, along with his legacy, is well-deserved.

LUCAS O’NEILL: It’s fitting that Michael Jordan will be inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame this weekend as Jay-Z drops his latest offering, The Blueprint 3. Conceding from the jump that sports/music parallels are invariably somewhat forced, there are nevertheless similarities between these two G.O.A.T.s. Continue reading

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John Calipari: Embrace the Hate OR Wait for the Other Shoe

STEPHON JOHNSON: The sleaziest coach in college basketball outside of Jerry Tarkanian joins one of the most “respected” college basketball programs. They both deserve each other.

LUCAS O’NEILL: One wonders if the move was in Calipari’s best interest. Financially there’s no question. But it’s another reminder to potential recruits that the guy they think will take them to the next level might not be around to see it through. Continue reading

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AL East Discourse

LUCAS O’NEILL: Boston has the best overall pitching staff, and while its rotation might not win as many games as that of the Yanks during the regular season, the Sox have perhaps the best 1-2-3 in the game…

HOWARD MEGDAL: While I think Lucas dramatically overstates the devastation inherent in the Yankee offense, I do agree that New York will win this three-team dogfight. Continue reading

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Women in Pro Sports: Pipe Dream OR Inevitable

HOWARD MEGDAL: It is only a matter of time until women break through into men’s professional sports.

LUCAS O’NEILL: But not anytime soon, I’m sorry to say.

Continue reading

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Greatest Hits OR Not So Great?

LUCAS O’NEILL: “…those who would buy a Don McLean greatest hits album—the Don McLean enthusiasts and the Don McLean hobbyists of the world…”

DAVE TOMAR: “Anthologizing is part science, part marketing and part artistry. The effect of doing it properly can actually be to create a lasting artistic statement that truly adds depth to the discussion and appeal of a musician rather than one which simply condenses a career’s work into the most consumer-friendly package.” Continue reading

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Gran Torino: Best Picture/Movie Version of an American Car

The journey is what separates Gran Torino from the average film.


A friend once snickered at my affection for the movie Hoosiers.

“What’s the big deal?” he asked. “An unlikely coach takes over a down-on-its-luck team; the…

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Lil Wayne: Go DJ/Not So Hot Boy

LUCAS O’NEILL: There’s a reason everyone loves Lil Wayne.

Well, OK, not everyone. Not me before two years ago, for instance. And
not people who don’t have much use for hip-hop…

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Styles G. White: Best Name Change Ever/He Hate Me, I Love It!

LUCAS O’NEILL: What’s in a name? How about nostalgia and swagger attached to a 6-foot-3, 270-pound frame. [MORE]

HOWARD MEGDAL: While the decision by Tampa Bay defensive lineman Greg White to legally change his name to Stylez G. White is a worthy name change, I think it pales in comparison to a pair of athlete name-revisions that truly speak to both innovative thinking and a vital reflection of the times each athlete inhabited. [MORE] Continue reading

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Playing for 2010: Dude, Where’s My NBA Season?/About Damn Time

HOWARD MEGDAL: But some line was crossed for me by the way the Knicks have handled this rebuild. They’ve managed to do more than just make the next two years about reconstructing the roster. They’ve made the next two years utterly irrelevant. [MORE]

LUCAS O’NEILL: Did the Knicks really do anything wrong by essentially admitting they are not planning on winning this season (or next) but are willing to do what it takes to enter the LeBron sweepstakes in two years? Not hardly. [MORE] Continue reading

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Terell Owens: Sharpie Greatness/Like Cancer, but with Fewer Late Victories

LUCAS O’NEILL: Run-on sentences aside, the fact of the matter is that Owens is a first-ballot Hall of Famer who will likely finish his career third in league history in touchdowns. But a lot of people would like to hinge his legacy on the success of this particular Cowboys team, or whichever team comes next. [MORE]

DAVE TOMAR: If justice prevails, when Terrell Owens retires, fans of the game will remember him as an emotionally crippled narcissist, driven by the extent to which his involvement in football allows him to be seen and heard constantly. [MORE] Continue reading

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