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College World Series

SHANNON MCCARTHY: The College World Series debuted in its new home this past weekend, leaving behind storied Rosenblatt Stadium to begin a new history at TD Ameritrade Park in Omaha, Nebraska. After almost a full week of action, the field…

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Greinke Injury

CHRIS PUMMER: Basketball isn’t a safe sport to dabble in. And if I were being paid millions of dollars to play baseball, I would probably not do anything that would compromise my ability to do that.

At the same time, Greinke’s already got all the money he and his family will ever need coming to him. Maybe gambling a possible $150-200 million payday for the sake of doing whatever the hell he wants right now is just fine with him. Continue reading

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Urban Meyer Reflections

SHANNON MCCARTHY: Those who better remember the awfulness of the Zook years have a greater appreciation for what Meyer did in turning the program around. Steve Spurrier may have built Florida football, but Urban Meyer restored it to greatness and truly made it a national powerhouse, leaving behind a legacy incoming head coach Will Muschamp will have to work hard to live up to. Continue reading

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The End of Jon Miller/Joe Morgan

JESSICA BADER: When I learned that Jon Miller and Joe Morgan would no longer be in the broadcast booth for Sunday Night Baseball, my initial reaction was one of happiness. It’s not that I root for people to lose their jobs, I’m just a fan of baseball broadcasts that consist of insight and/or getting the hell out of the way and letting the action speak for itself when it makes sense to do so. Once I had a couple of seconds to think about it, my reaction turned towards fear. Oh no, I thought, which annoying clown might pick up right where Morgan left off? Continue reading

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More Deserving Fanbase: Cubs or Indians?

BRAD GOLDBACH: In terms of fan bases in suffering, not many can compete with the Chicago Cubs and Cleveland Indians, but when looking at an all-sports landscape, those fan bases aren’t even in the same league of pain.

Cleveland seems to be in permanent sports purgatory, while Chicago, Cubs aside, has done pretty well for itself over the years.

SHANNON MCCARTHY: The Cubs drought is an integral part of the fabric of baseball. Who would we at once mock and empathize with, what curse would we invoke if they were to go and do the unthinkable? The Curse of the Really Crappy Sports City doesn’t quite have the same ring to it. (Sorry, Cleveland, it’s all I can come up with.) Continue reading

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Yankee Fan Reputation: Deserved?

SHANNON MCCARTHY: Do I think the Yankees have some truly grating fans? Sure. Do I think many that profess to be fans or at least simply like to wear the hats couldn’t tell you the first thing about the bullpen after Mariano Rivera (if that)? Absolutely. But does the entire fanbase deserve to be painted with such a broad brush? Nope.

JASON CLINKSCALES: As long as the Yankees are at the top of the sport’s financial food chain, if not the competitive one, we’ll always see the worst of a good section of their fans. Continue reading

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The Derek Jeter Contract

CHRIS PUMMER: With their mutually beneficial relationship in mind, the smart money is on Derek Jeter returning to the Yankees. Maybe for something more than what most analysts would peg his on-field “value” as being, say three or four years at $15 million per year. But that’s probably just about right for both sides.

SHANNON MCCARTHY: If there’s any certainty here other than the fact Jeter will report to Steinbrenner Field for spring training, it’s the importance that the negotiations don’t turn ugly. That’s why despite Steinbrenner’s warning, more than likely the Yankees won’t let things get too “messy.” Jeter is worth far too much to the organization both on the field and off for the club to risk souring its relationship with him — or angering a fanbase that adores its homegrown shortstop. Continue reading

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LSU-Florida: What We Learned

KRYSTEN OLIPHANT: I have to say I was completely shocked by the fact that LSU even won that game, much less that they won it the way they did. And maybe Les Miles finally took back the play-calling duties from his clown of an offensive coordinator, Gary Crowton. After all, the Tigers’ offense did finally get moving to the tune of 385 total offensive yards — outgaining Florida by 42 yards — and they were in the game the whole time despite several stupid penalties and turnovers. The fake punt he pulled out at the end of the game wasn’t anything too surprising, considering it’s the same one he ran against South Carolina in 2007, and the last-ditch pass into the corner of the end zone was very reminescent of the win against Auburn that same year.

SHANNON MCCARTHY: If there’s one lesson to be taken after the Tigers stomped on the F in the Swamp, it’s that the Mad Hatter still has his lucky horseshoe firmly in place.

Well, that and maybe Florida should have kept those orange jerseys tucked away a bit longer.

Another thing this game made painfully clear is that their play in the season opener was not the anomaly for the Gators – that distinction instead goes to the Kentucky game. Aside from that one contest, Florida’s offense, especially in the first half, has been a mix between a complete mess and a complete bore. Continue reading

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Women and NFL Attire

KRYSTEN OLIPHANT:As someone who grew up owning at least two different T-shirts representing all of my favorite teams, I’m glad to see there’s some variety being put out there.

AKIE BERMISS: I find it kind of strange that its taken the NFL this long to put real effort into making good team apparel for women. Like Krysten, I find logos and words written across the butt to be alarmingly crass (I can’t imagine why anyone who wasn’t a stripper would want to wear a pair of pants that say “Juicy” across the butt!), but I do think there is something to be said for making something a little more… perhaps the word I’m trying to avoid is: feminine.

NAVA BRAHE: The first time I remember seeing a pink NFL t-shirt was my first semester of graduate school. It was 2002, and I was beginning the second leg of my “adult” education at Hofstra University. At the first meeting of one of my classes, I noticed a cute, petite blonde girl sporting a fitted pink New York Jets t-shirt; and a diamond engagement ring the size of a marble. She seemed nice enough, and I didn’t give it a second thought. It wasn’t until later that same day when I ran into the Chair of the English department, and was asked, “Is Wayne Chrebet’s wife in class with you?” My answer was, “Yeah, I guess she was the one in the pink Jets t-shirt.”

SHANNON MCCARTHY: It used to be you didn’t have very many options for team apparel if you were female; you could go for a larger men’s jersey or you could opt for the largest youth size, but either way, you were getting a dress, and not an attractive one either. When retailers finally came out with jerseys and shirts that were more fitted for the female form, it seemed these only came in pink (or if not pink, baby blue). Why is that? Continue reading

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Andy Pettitte: Hall of Famer?

While Andy Pettitte’s statistics currently put him on the fence, it’s his postseason reputation with the Bronx Bombers that will likely get him in.

It isn’t that Andy Pettitte would be a terrible choice for the Hall of Fame. But it is hard to see his case standing out from a number of his contemporaries who won’t come close. Continue reading

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