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Kip Mooney is a recent graduate of UNT's Mayborn School of Journalism and big-time opponent of going to grad school. Working as a freelance writer in the DFW area, he's always ready to go in-depth with his opinions on film, television, music, religion and the sorry state of politics in America. He continues to work independently, as each of his non-college jobs has resulted in the company experiencing serious financial troubles once he leaves, including Blockbuster and the trashy restaurant D's Country Kitchen. (The lesson here is hire him, but don't let him leave.) His literary heroes include Roger Ebert, Donald Miller and Matt Taibbi. Kip has written for The Dallas Morning News and Pegasus News and served as editor-in-chief for the North Texas Daily, but he is perhaps best known as the inspiration for Christian Lander's well-known blog Stuff White People Like.

Modern Family: Season 4, Episode 11 — “New Year’s Eve”

KIP MOONEY: I love when Modern Family gets some edge. There are the occasional bawdy jokes that were bound to fly right over the heads of most of the show’s younger viewers. By leaving the kids at home, this week’s…

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Modern Family: Season 4, Episode 10 — “Diamond in the Rough”

KIP MOONEY: Modern Family has a gift for extracting great moments out of unnecessary plotlines. That makes this episode’s title especially true. This episode really only needed one story: Claire and Cam’s dreams of flipping a house from a Rockford Files extra…

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Modern Family: Season 4, Episode 9 — “When a Tree Falls”

KIP MOONEY: This week’s Modern Family packed almost no emotional punch, but it was so packed with laughs that wasn’t room for much else. And that was just fine with me.

Scene for scene, this was the flat-out funniest episode…

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Modern Family: Season 4, Episode 8 — “Mistery Date”

Technical difficulties kept this from going out earlier, but here’s your weekly recap of Modern Family.

Sometimes, it’s just too easy. The stories on this week’s Modern Family have all been done to death. Yet, they still delivered bountiful laughs.…

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Modern Family: Season 4, Week 7 — “Arrested”

KIP MOONEY: Well, that was an interesting experiment while it lasted. After spending the first part of the season without Haley, she’s now returning to the Dunphy house, having been kicked out of school.

See, Haley got caught underage drinking,…

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Modern Family: Season 4, Episode 6 – “Yard Sale”

KIP MOONEY: My apologies for not being able to cover the installment I was most excited about this year: the Halloween episode. Season two’s “Halloween” stands as one of the 10 best episodes the show’s ever done, and…

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Modern Family: Season 4, Episode 4 — The Butler’s Escape

KIP MOONEY: There’s a great episode of the radio show Radiolab about probability that explains that, despite appearances, hot streaks simply don’t exist. Every shot a basketball player takes or question a contest on a game show gets right, he…

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Modern Family: Tableau Vivant

KIP MOONEY: Well after that 30-minute ad last week, it was good to see the show back in peak form (good writing, nice moments and rapid-fire jokes). This episode won’t count among the show’s all-time best, but it was truly,…

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Modern Family: Disneyland

KIP MOONEY: You know there’s a problem with a show when the one episode featuring all the characters in the same location is the season’s most disjointed and inconsistent.

Aside from The Simpsons, I’m usually not a fan of sitcoms’…

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Modern Family: Planes, Trains & Cars

KIP MOONEY: This week’s installment was just a great, low-stakes bit of comfort food. There were no big speeches or anything that was howlingly funny. It was just a consistently chuckle-filled half hour, and sometimes sitcoms need those.

After Lily…

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