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State of Soccer in USA

AIDAN KELLY: While the Women’s World Cup alone is not going to revolutionize the game, it is a cog in the forward moving wheel of the American soccer evolution.

MIKE SILVA: Every four years after the Olympics we hear stories about how soccer can grow in the United States. The discussion lasts a few days, and then our sports culture returns to normal with the NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL (in that order) taking up the free time we have to dedicate to sports.

HOWARD MEGDAL: It was impossible to come away from Wednesday night’s MLS All Star Game at Red Bull Arena with the impression that soccer hasn’t put down real roots in the United States. Continue reading

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Gold Cup Final Thoughts

HOWARD MEGDAL: My strong suspicion is that the results of the 2011 Gold Cup will fade through history, while the tournament will come to be known as the Freddy Adu Emergence.

Really, how many people were talking about the group…

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Review: The Blizzard, Issue Zero

AIDAN KELLY: The Blizzard, a quarterly digital soccer publication, hopes to “break the shackles” of mainstream media constraints by offering more in-depth pieces on a wide spectrum of subjects – and for a price of our choosing.

MIKE CUMMINGS: There’s something in this first issue of the Blizzard that speaks to me on a personal level. Sure, it’s big and bulky, it kinda sorta looks like it was thrown together in a single all-nighter by a sophomore graphic design major, and it’s not at all accessible to casual fans. But the whole DIY approach — that is, all the bigness and bulkiness and non-accessibility — scream out “damn The Man” in a way I can’t recall ever seeing in sports media. Continue reading

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Liverpool’s “New” Manager

KAREN PATEL: The appointment of Kenny Dalglish as Liverpool manager was just the tonic that Liverpool fans needed, which as a collective group had more or less lost all faith in Roy Hodgson. Many fans believed that Hodgson was never a ‘right fit’ for Liverpool FC. He didn’t understand the fans, he didn’t understand the culture of Liverpool FC, and he certainly didn’t try to either.

AIDAN KELLY: It took just seven Premier League games into Roy Hodgson’s reign as Liverpool manager before fans in the Kop end started chanting the name of club legend Kenny Dalglish.

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Chris Hughton Reflections

KAREN PATEL: I am amazed that Newcastle sacked their manager, Chris Hughton. It just shows how some owners want quick results and are happy to throw managers on the scrapheap after a couple of defeats. It’s worrying and is an indicator of just how fickle the game has become.

AIDAN KELLY: They say that Christmas is not a good time for England Premier League coaches and the season of the pantomime opened its curtains last week with Newcastle United provided the first entertainment with the sacking of Chris Hughton.

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The State of Liverpool

KIYAN SOBHANI: I remember it wasn’t too long ago that Liverpool slaughtered Madrid 5-0 on aggregate. The difference was that you had Mascherano, Kuyt, Torres, and Gerrard playing at their highest level. Torres and Gerrard are supposed to be carrying the team but they’ve been in disastrous form since they landed in South Africa, especially the former, who’s also struggling with his fitness.

AIDAN KELLY: Roy Hodgson had been criticized for possessing a mid-table tactical mentality. Forget that. After this week, his formations belong where his team now lies – in the relegation zone.

KAREN PATEL: I have supported Liverpool FC for 13 years and I have never seen the club in the state it is now. I have never known the fans to bicker so much, I have never seen the players so deflated, I have never seen the manager so out of his depth, I have never seen such an incompetent board and chairmen in charge, and I have never felt so ashamed of the club I love.

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Champions League Group Reviews

MIKE CUMMINGS: Well, the Champions League draw is complete, which means all the drama in the Champions League is over until the New Year. Between now and December, sixteen teams will qualify for the knockout rounds, and there’s a pretty good chance that a large percentage of the sixteen will be repeat offenders from last year. So why watch? Well, for one thing, Rubin Kazan are going back to the Camp Nou this year, and Barcelona will probably still overlook them. What’s that? Won’t happen again? Oh well — there’s always the chance we’ll get to see JT have a good cry at some point.

AIDAN KELLY: I don’t know about you, but I feel like it’s time to bury deep the clichéd ‘Group of Death’ moniker.

With the media’s desire, born of laziness, to use the phrase after every conceivable draw – whatever the sport — said GODs rarely live up to the hype.
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Mascherano Leaves Liverpool

AIDAN KELLY: So will Liverpool supporters shed many tears following Javier Mascherano’s departure?
Don’t count on it. While Xabi Alonso was a huge loss in midfield, from which the Reds are still trying to recover, Mascherano’s Barcelona move is unlikely to have the same detrimental effect on the team.

KAREN PATEL: For Liverpool, Mascherano leaving is extremely poignant. It shows just how far the club have fallen under their current ownership when the midfield now consists of an ageing Christian Poulsen, a young Lucas and unknown Raul Meireles. Continue reading

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