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Florida Bill: Doctors, Questions and Guns

DANI ALEXIS RYSKAMP: The Florida Legislature recently passed, and Florida’s governor is likely to sign, a bill that prevents pediatricians from asking their patients’ parents if they have guns in the house. Pediatricians say that they’re only trying…

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State of Olympia Snowe

ALLISON REILLY: Upon reading further details about the accusations Scott D’Amboise is making against Olympia Snowe, I think that Snowe merely needs to remain firm and she should have no problem getting the seat in 2012. Continue reading

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The Cheerleader/Rapist Court Decision

DANI ALEXIS RYSKAMP: So it looks like the girl who refused to cheer for a basketball player who had raped her, and was kicked off the cheerleading team as a result, will now have to face some $45,000 in court…

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Michele Bachmann, Planned Parenthood and LensCrafters

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: I’m not sure that Bachmann’s analogy is really successful here. She’s trying to imply that Planned Parenthood is this terrible Abortion Factory, but the comparison with LensCrafters really does not serve that agenda.

ALLISON REILLY: It’s a dumb analogy because it pulls a major corporation into a fight of which it doesn’t want to be a part. LensCrafters didn’t have any comment for Bachmann’s comment. Well, of course not!
Continue reading

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JESSICA BADER: Most odd-numbered years don’t offer that much excitement for those keenly interested in American electoral politics. Sure, a handful of states have their gubernatorial and/or legislative elections, and there are always the special elections and local races to focus on, but most of the action is in the even-numbered years. When that odd number is a “1,” however, there’s something every political junkie should look forward to: the redistricting process and the strategizing and score-settling and prioritizing that go along with it.

CHRIS PUMMER: Even when one party rules when redistricting comes around, it’s not always easy to pinch your political opponent. Continue reading

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Missouri’s Senate Race

ALLISON REILLY: Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) was found last week to have not paid nearly $287,000 in back taxes on the usage of a private plane. Either way it’s sliced, the 2012 election doesn’t look good for…

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The Merits of Mail-In Voting

ALLISON REILLY: I am very dubious of a mail-in system. I see more things going wrong than going right. And I don’t mean the idea of a ‘two-step primary’. I mean the very snail mail system that doesn’t have solutions…

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Stock market-centric coverage of Japan disasters

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: Does anyone else feel kind of like news about the stock market not doing well because of the disaster in Japan is kind of like complaining that there’s soot on your pants while your neighbor’s house is on fire?

DANI ALEXIS RYSKAMP: If worrying about the economy in the aftermath of Japan’s recent disasters is like worrying about the soot on your pants when the house is on fire, stop worrying about the soot and start selling fire insurance to everyone in town.

ALLISON REILLY: At least worrying about the economy is more of a rational fear than worrying about the radiation from Japan. Continue reading

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State of the Teacher

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: The whole controversy over taking away collective bargaining rights for teachers in Wisconsin has made me realize the full extent of my naivete as far as teaching is concerned. That is to say, I always thought that teaching was a highly respected profession. How could it not be?! Teachers educate our children, our children are the future, ergo, teachers are helping to build the future.

CHRIS PUMMER: We all know that broad brushstrokes are preferred method of illustration for those with an agenda. And for some, that agenda is dismantling public education as we know it.

It’s only by drawing public servants as caricatures that this idea doesn’t seem radical and perhaps stupid. Continue reading

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Shawna Forde and the Death Penalty

ALLISON REILLY: Even though the deaths are tragic, and that what Forde did was heinous, a death sentence is not the answer. According to the Death Penalty Information Center, Arizona has 138 people on death row, including Forde. The last time the state executed someone was Robert Comer in May 2002.The simple point is that Forde will not be executed for a long, long time. Continue reading

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