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Greg McMackin and Hawaii: Overreaction?

STEVE KORNACKI: Since that time, he has apologized profusely, been suspended for 30 days, agreed to a seven percent pay-cut, and been formally sanctioned by the WAC. We’re supposed to feel good, I guess, because he used a nasty word and paid a price for it. But come on. Yes, of course, he shouldn’t have said it. It’s an offensive word to many people and, if nothing else, McMackin should have recognized the headaches that uttering it at a media event could cause him.

However, where we part company is over the idea that the University of Hawaii should not have acted with discipline of any kind once the words used by Coach McMacklin became public. At this point, University of Hawaii faced a choice. Either a coach who, like it or not, speaks for the University of Hawaii, made comments that were derogatory to homosexuals. There is no inaction at that point, as far as I am concerned. Continue reading

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NCAA Tournament: Final Four Discussion

HOWARD MEGDAL: So the question seems to be going around- is this the worst tournament ever?

STEVE KORNACKI: I really was buying into the whole “it’s the Big East’s year!” line of thinking….until I watched Michigan State smother the life out of poor, hapless Louisville on Sunday. Continue reading

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NCAA Tournament: Sweet 16 Discussion

HOWARD MEGDAL: The tournament, thus far, has been in many ways what I expected, and disappointing in some aspects as well. Continue reading

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NCAA Tournament Thoughts

STEVE KORNACKI: I don’t think there’s any question that Arizona’s inclusion is the black eye of this year’s bracket. I have no serious complaint about any other team’s selection, but the Wildcats absolutely, positively do not belong in this tournament,…

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NCAA Bubble Watch: Conference Tournament Edition

STEVE KORNACKI: At the risk of further inflating his unwarranted stature, I’m going to begin this week’s bubble discussion by taking issue with Joe Lunardi’s latest tournament mock-up. Safely in the tournament (as in: not one of the “last four in”), Joe tells us, is UNLV, while San Diego State, the Rebels’ MWC rival, is at the top of the “first four out” list.

HOWARD MEGDAL: We’ve really come together on the tournament questions, though I do enjoy Joe Lunardi, and think your bashing of him is unwarranted. He gets 33 of 34 right every year, got all in 2008, and he’s got a degree in Bracketology! I wasted my college years on Lit.

As such, I never got the specialized knowledge required to understand how Penn State is a tournament team. They have an RPI of 63. 63! Georgetown is at 49, and most people (myself included) aren’t sure they make the tournament even with four Big East Tournament wins! And while Georgetown is 4-5 in its last nine… so is Penn State! Continue reading

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NCAA Bubble Team Open Debate

HOWARD MEGDAL: With less than two weeks until Selection Sunday, Steve and I are opening the floor to discussions of every bubble team under the sun.

I want to start with some that are of most interest to me.  I…

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Big Ten NCAA Smackdown

HOWARD MEGDAL: Alright, let’s get this party started like a proper Sunday brunch- with the locks.

Michigan State, obviously, is in. But there’s something that doesn’t sit right with me considering the Spartans an elite team. Maybe I’m being too…

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Big East NCAA Tournament Projections


Record: 24-2, 12-2
Outlook: Obviously an NCAA tournament lock, and almost certainly a #1 seed, but the Huskies’ chances of holding the top spot in the East region

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Georgia’s Next Coach: Bob Knight is the Right Choice/Time for Fresh Blood

For Georgia, vote Bob Knight.

STEVE KORNACKI: When he was 30 years old, General Bob Knight was the hottest coaching commodity in the country – young, proven (a 102-50 mark in six years at West Point, whose rules forbade him…

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Gran Torino: Best Picture/Movie Version of an American Car

The journey is what separates Gran Torino from the average film.


A friend once snickered at my affection for the movie Hoosiers.

“What’s the big deal?” he asked. “An unlikely coach takes over a down-on-its-luck team; the…

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