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The Return of Dinosaurs: Would You?

AKIE BERMISS: Some days its difficult to tell reality from fantasy.  Like when I hear real scientist using terms like “dark energy” or “dark matter” or like when US Senate Candidates are formally denying their own…

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Mishaps with Fire: Try This At Home

DAVE TOMAR: I’m not sure what it is about boyhood and fire. Perhaps it’s the promethean impulse toward creation. Perhaps it’s the sentiment of occasion and celebration first inspired by a birthday candle, a fireworks display or a citronella torch on Labor Day. Perhaps it’s the joy of holding a force of such sheer, unimaginable destruction in the palm of one’s hands. For me, it was that very special episode of Webster when he burnt his parents’ house down while playing with safety matches.

AKIE BERMISS: My trouble with fire is that I am practically always playing with it. Cigars — I love ‘em. I smoke ‘em. And there is no better solace after a long night’s gigging that drinking some stale gas-station coffee and smoking my cigar on the drives back to Brooklyn. Some of the drives, you see, are pretty late and pretty long and its rare that there’s anyone to talk to. I used to hook up my blue-tooth and just call anyone I thought might be awake and get them talking, but these days its not as cute as it used to be. People hang up. So its just me. And the road and the darkness. Usually, I light up and I turn on NPR (if I can get it) and I hit the road. But see the thing about cigars is: they’re big. A cigarette is easy to light. You almost don’t need a flame as a really strong spark will probably do the trick. Cigars, on the other hand, they take some real fire to get started. Really its just a barely-controlled micro-blaze.

And its alarming close to one’s mouth. Continue reading

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In Briefs: Bacon

ZOE RICE: Different topic, but one involving a former favorite topic of… I think it was Ted? Bacon. Colored bacon, specifically. Bacon art?

By the way I think bacon is one of the most overrated foods out there.

HOWARD MEGDAL:When Ted reads what you wrote, you are going to be in trouble.

AKIE BERMISS: I saw the colored bacon thing. It looks gross. However, let me be the vanguard of those who defend bacon, but Marc Antony style (I come to bury bacon, not to praise it).
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Stand Up Comedy: Theory, Practice

TED BERG: I’ve done a lot of standup comedy. The girls on my floor Freshman year convinced me to enter a contest at college and I won it, and then spent the next two years doing semi-regular shows opening up for the acts that came to campus.

MOLLY SCHOEMANN: You know you’re watching too much stand-up comedy when you start to think, “I could do that!” Lately I’ve been spending my afternoons watching cable at the gym, and the stand-up comedians I’ve been watching on Comedy Central makes it look all too easy. Continue reading

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Funk University

AKIE BERMISS: To those of us in the know, Bootsy Collins is notorious for two things.  One is playing the hell out of the bass, and the other is his position among living funk royalty.  I’ve always been a fan of…

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Lost Series Finale in Review

ZOË RICE: The final two and a half hours of Lost were both better and more disappointing than I expected. The ride was jam-packed with action and emotion. Awesome fight scenes, hugs and smiles, jumping off cliffs, tears tears tears. A few unexpected twists, a few much-hoped for explanations that just wouldn’t come. In the end it turns out that the show was about “Live together, die alone, but then live together again, except for the living part.”

TED BERG: So that’s it then, huh? No more Lost. Continue reading

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Lost in Review

ZOË RICE: And so we put to rest the second to last episode of Lost. Ever. Plenty happened–some of it exciting, some of it cop-outish. More death and destruction, more flash sideways bleeding (both figurative and literal), more Team Jacob and Team Smokey. And–for now, at least–still more to come.

TED BERG: One more shot to blow our minds is right. And I’ve lost all faith in the writers’ ability to do that. Continue reading

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Lost in Review

ZOË RICE: Generally, I watch Lost on Tuesday nights, let it turn over in my head, then watch it again Wednesdays before reviewing. But this time I’ve only just finished watching for the first time about an hour ago. I did read that many viewers strongly disliked the episode. I didn’t dislike it. But I’m left–as I’ve been so often this season–holding a jumbled bag of impressions and (surprise!) questions.

TED BERG: You want my take on “Across the Sea”? Here it is: BOOOOOOOOOOO!
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R-Rated Films and Drinking Young

HOWARD MEGDAL: As someone who grew up watching R-rated movies, but not drinking liberally at ten, allow me to register some suspicion over the recent Dartmouth study linking the two. And I say this while acknowledging, if anyone should know about youth drinking, it is the people at Dartmouth. Continue reading

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Lost: Week in Review

ZOË RICE: Okay, Lost, now we’re boogying! This week’s episode, “The Candidate,” was suspenseful, emotional, and action-packed. We begin in flash sideways with Locke, whom Jack names as “a candidate.” Not the candidate, mind you, a candidate. The candidate, according to much of the goings-on in this episode, seems to be Jack. So should we take that as Lost gospel? Or should we consider it a red herring? Continue reading

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